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Hottest Female Athlete


Just checking to see who all of you
T-Maggers think is the hottest female athlete. Please post as many pics as possible. Here's mine.


Gabby Reece, the famous beach volleyball player is pretty hot, as is the Hawaiian woman who was on the cover of Outside magazine a couple issues ago. I think she's an adventure racer, she's just about perfect. If were talking all-time, then Rachel McLish and Cory Everson are tops.


I think it is a tie between china doll and ericka from this sight. Those are the two i have talked with and am impressed by. Just my two cents but they both look great to me.


U.S. Soccer star Heather Mitts won the ESPN Page 2 poll, and I'm happy to say I voted for her -- she's smokin'.


Heather Mitts is hot, but Gabby Reece is the all time tops.


heather mitts all the way, gaby is hot but heather can play footy as well, now that is some gal!!!!


Jennie Finch


Yeah I have to agree, Jennie Finch for sure.

E~Pluribus is right up there too...



Definitely not the lesbo dykes on the softball team at my school!

I haven't seen Mitts or Finch,
but the Univ of Colorado kicker that got molested is gorgeous in the pics I've seen.
(Don't know, they could be simply more flattering than normal.)

Probably Victoria in the WWE, she's an ex-fitness competitor.

Always wanted to slam Mia Hamm too.

And Cory Everson....drool.


China Doll.


Lena Johanessen... always has, always will be my FAV.


Jenna jameson.
she's an athlete.


Pro-Wrestler Trish Stratus is th ebest looking woman on the planet, bar none!!!


Jenna Jameson does not count as an athlete...nice try.


We need those volleyball and b-ball pics Ericka to make our final decison on athlete. We need to see you in action.


C'mon now Ericka, have you seen any of her movies?

She's the epitomy of focus, determination and above all, drive...



If you're talking pro wrestling, I would take Torrie over Trish -- not that Trish would get kicked out of bed for eating crackers, but you know...

Ericka --

You would at least have to admit that the woman has physical stamina. Think of all those countless takes... and it wasn't even dry-humping...


here she is... Shonna McCarver


where are the pics of ericka?? somehow i missed them...


Tatiana Grigorieva
Australian Polevaulter. Unlike some of the ladies mentioned she's actually a decent athlete too!
(Commonwealth gold and Olympic silver)