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HotRoxx for Bulking!?


In your interview you talked about how you had continued to gain weight and strength yet mantained bf levels, and contributed some of this to HotRoxx.

Any secret? Are you taking as recommended on the bottle? Increasing dosage?

I’ve always been lean with a six pack but skniny and I’ve been bulking and cutting for a while now. I’d like to cut out the “cutting” part and be able to stay lean while gaining mass all the time. I understand diet/trainning are important but was wondering if HR might be a good addition…

What Hot-Rox does is it allows you to eat a lot more without gaining too much fat while trying to gain muscle mass.

Most people are afraid of ingesting the quantity of food needed for maximum muscle growth (read JB’s Massive easting for more info) because they don’t want to get too fat. Well, HOT ROX will prevent excessive fat gain while eating enough for a familly of elephants!

How long do you stay on hot-rox or tribex?

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