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i am new to this forum (as everyone’s starting line) and i found out you guys a more like a “pro” so i think i may get my question answered here :slight_smile:

after bulking up, i need to shed off some fat for the summer so i looked for fat burner: HotRox
it has such a good reputation overall so i think i might give it a go. but one thing really concerns me is i am only 17 at the moment, would this have any effects on me?

thanks for your attention,

P.S. i understand there is no pain no gain and there is no magic pills, but at least i can achieve my goal faster!

Your diet and training are going to be #1 to your goals.

But yes you can use Hot Rox safely, simply follow the directions on the bottle.


thanks for your input, but should i use the minimum doseage or the recommended one?

thanks again,

Although I don’t think you’ll have any problems, to be absolutely sure, take one cap, twice a day for a couple days, make sure nothing freaky is happening…you know, like losing a limb, bleeding out your ears, eyes bursting…that kinda stuff… =P

I’m just playin, just take one cap twice a day for a couple of days to judge your tolerace and make sure you react well to the ingredients, then do the recommended dosage.

thanks for your replies guys, greatly appreciated! :slight_smile: