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HotRox Results

Given the recent consumer reports article thought I’d offer up my results in support of HotRox.

45 year old male, 3 years lifting, 177lbs, 12%bf, 5’8". 1rm on bench, dl, squats 300 to 365lbs. Currently dropping BF.

Here’s the deal. I’ve used EC products including MD6 and gotten good fat loss results but always with some loss of lbm and strength. I started my recent cutting phase first of February at 187 and 19%bf. Used HotRox up until about 4 weeks ago. With HotRox dropped to 180 but all 3 lifts went up 5 to 10%. Once I stopped HotRox and started using some left over MD6 dropped another 3 lbs but 2 of the 3 lifts actually dropped 5%.

I like the stimulant effect during my workouts on MD6. However, I’m not willing to sacrifice strength and lbm for a little buzz. HotRox is the real deal.