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Hotrox for women?

I was wondering since hot-rox has an andro-type molecule in it, is this gonna be safe for womem to use? without any adverse side effects?



“And get this? It also increases protein synthesis and the natural production of anabolic substrates (in both men and women). In other words, it may actually help to preserve or even build muscle mass.”
(To Mary had a little Lamb)
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This is how we do a search
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well MBE I find your reply to be very dirogatory and uncalled for…When women use test and andro it increases protein synthesis…DUH but it also causes them to grow a clitoris the size of a bratwurst, so Just cause it increases protein synthesis, doesnt mean its safe for women, and doesn’t cause side effects so don’t assume that just cause he said it increases protein synthesis in women that it means its safe for women to use totally side effect free. After all 7 Keto is an andro molecule and we all know what these do to women who use them. So DON’T Assume cause we all know ASSuming does don’t we? Don’t be soo quick to jump down peoples throats, it only makes you look bad.


Kill yourself. Post pics of it. Or at least have a family member or close friend do it. The post, I mean. Though I’m sure they’d be just as happy to do the killing.

Learn to embrace the monkey for all he is Pugs.

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He’s a doosh-bag (MBE). I agree with Pugs. Good question Pugs.


I think you’re confusing the fact that it’s a steroid molecule with the idea that it’s an androgen. Androgens are steroids, but it doesn’t work the other way around (cortisol, estrogen, cholesterol, etc., for example are all “steroids” yet not androgens). The steroid molecule A7-E that we used in Hot-Rox is absolutely devoid of any androgenic activity. We wouldn’t have included it nor would we allow women to use it if we weren’t absolutely sure about that.

Ooh, MBE is in a particularly bad mood, eh?

Rich, it’s “douche-bag.” “MBE is a douche-bag.” If you’re going to flame at least have the common courtesy to spell correctly. Golly.

If this forum is moderated how do these ignorant remarks get posted? I don’t post here very often and part of the reason is because of assinine comments such as the one Monkey Boy Eric made. I understand that most people around here like this guy but the forum rules clearly state that this type of behavior is not acceptable. Suggesting that people kill themselves and have others post pictures of it is completely out of line, joke or not.

pda, sugarloaf, candybottoms, I honestly do not know where the “ignorant” argument stems from but I am here to put it to rest. I understand the merits and gift that a well-intentioned suicide is to others.
(Roman, I have to) Hope this helps.

I’m just going to try and make peace here.

Firstly, asking question about an article that had been published the very day you ask the question is a little foolish. Read more carefully.

Secondly, in regard to this specific issue: Pugs, Biotest is not only “cutting-edge” but I would also venture to say that the company is “not fucking stupid.” I am not sure of the exact statistic, but last I heard, of all the thermogenics sold, women account for roughly 60% of the purchases. Biotest is growing rapidly and will be found on more and more shelves. No way in hell they’re going to exlcude such a huge part of the market by including ingredients that make this a “male only” product.

Thirdly, in regard to MBE. A gentle, lovable creature such as he cannot be fully understood by any man. However, it should go without saying that he does not make comments without reason. Also, on this forum he has the sort of credibility and acceptance that only longevity can grant, and few people have been here as long as he. I take this opportunity to quote the Bible: “And in the Beginning, there was the amalgamation of Boy and Monkey, who did post muchly, and did flame when flames were needed - since 5 Billion BC”

Fourthly, yes, the forum is moderated. If you don’t agree with the way this is done, post somewhere else. Obviously a Magazine with a name like “Testosterone” is going to be run by people with a sense of humor, and they’re not going to sensor everything that may offend someone–maybe you should read some past “Atomic Dog” rants and see how much TC truly gives a shit about who he pisses off. Maybe ya’ll should just man up and stop the whining.

Oh, and don’t be so down on suicide. Check out this article: http://maddox.xmission.com/suicide.html

You’re right, ignorant was a bad choice. Would you prefer immature, assinine, juvenile… there are plenty of words to describe your behavior on the board. Helpful and informative are to words that I would certainly use sparingly. Just because you are sitting behind a computer screen doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show respect for others.

Considering (a) that Biotest has been scrupulous about saying that its androgenic supplements are NOT for use by women (even when women have written in saying that they want to use them), and (b) that MBE’s quote above pretty well shows that Biotest is, in this case, advocating Hot Rox for use by both men and women, I’d have to say that Pugs’ question was a bit off-base.

Point MBE.

Some background info is needed. Pugs is known as a whiner and has attacked many respected members of the forum who were trying to help his rotund girlfriend and him slim down. They blamed their behavior on a low carb diet at the time. This has made many here really really dislike Pugs and therefore he gets his ass served to him on a platter whenever he says something less than smart. This isn’t a bad question, it’s just that the source is very disliked.

I never read the dreaded Pugs thread, because it really didn’t look interesting, so I have no positive or negative image of Pugs. For those that do, I can understand harshness in response, but MBE’s behavior has more ramifications than we think.

First of all, for those that don’t know who he is, he comes off as horribly rude, immature, asinine, and all the other things he’s been called. That’s a fact. But what is also a fact is that it’s all a joke, or at least he’s playing the joke card (would that be the joker?) to be unreasonably mean to other posters (many people get a God complex online).

His behavior also rubs off on others in good and bad ways. I love the fact that he has standardized the common line, “I’d hit it”, but his suggestions that other people hurt themselves have definitely rubbed off on his sycophants (take a look at grooveless’ post on the Unprotected Sex thread on the Off-Topic Forum for proof). I don’t see it as a good thing for the response to a question to be something like that. It can hurt the poster’s feelings (God fucking forbid we ever worry about somebody else) and more importantly (to me), it may prevent questions from being asked in the future, even “worthy” questions, because the poster doesn’t want some irrational suggestion to jump off a cliff or something.

Personally, I find most of MBE’s material funny as hell (the George Bush “I’d hit it” pic comes to mind), but the humor can get old and awfully offensive to others. Outside of humor, I don’t see any reason for much of his posting either. I rarely ever see an actual training or nutrition question or answer from him.

Gentlemen, I thank you all for your support and logical arguments. Who would have ever considered that a simple request for taking one’s life with a piece of fishing wire or possibly a meat hook of commercial grade would have led to such a frenzy of emotion? Not I, not I.
The T-mag Forum is here for each and every one of us, its purpose being to nourish us with information concerning not only iron and proper nutrition, but about life and love, and reciprocate these items in return. I like to think I contribute to this process. I also like to think that I am a pomegranate.
The issue that sums the entire matter in this situation is “getting it.” Fortunately this forum is blessed with an impressive amount of persons who “get it.” Herein lies a subtle yet undeniable beauty, as in order to argue against said “it,” you first have to establish that you do not “get it,” and as such, are rendering yourself not only a moron, but inducing a self-pwning.
Those of you who do understand I thank and appreciate. In the same breath, I must also acknowledge those who do not and will not ever have the capacity to get/recieve/consider/process “it.” I apprecaite you all on the principle which decrees if there exist people who do not get it, there will exist people who do, in fact, get it. This is not to deter away from my wont that you all become entangled in rusty barbed wire while having a seizure, rather it is an explanation of understanding which I hope is mutual. Thank you for your time.

MBE: “So Fisticated. Since 1831.”