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HotRox and Concerta

I just got my first bottle of HotRox and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with taking them at the same time as Concerta or any other stimulant type ADD medication?

I’m on an 18mg once a day (12 hour) dose of Concerta (methylphenidate HCL)



Cy Wilson made posted a reply to a similar question in the Hot Roz forum. Do a search on the Forum Engine and you’ll likely find an answer.


I think the big boys answered this one already, but they might chime in to assist.

Check out Cy’s response to HotRox + Ritalin.

Just wanted to say “Hi”! to you, michelle.


Yup, I saw that post. However, though the drug is the same there is a difference between Ridalin (short acting, usually 4 hours) and Concerta (has something in it to regulate over 12 hours). I know it’s the same chemical substance though.

I was wondering if anyone here had actually taken HotRox while on either. I’ll be the guinea pig if necessary but was hoping to hear someone else’s experience.