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Hotmail Issues


I haven't been able to access my account all day (tried three computers). I had someone else check his account from one of these computers, and it worked fine.

Anyone else having trouble with their accounts? Any suggestions? Basically, I go to sign in and it gives me an error message.

The error message I'm getting is:


No, but I could hook you up with a gmail account.. they seem to be much more stable.


Apparently a bunch of people at my school have been having hotmail problems, but I thought it was just the school network.


Apparently, it's something that a lot of Comcast customers have in common right now. Fortunately, it's back to normal...at least for now.


I've been having problems with Hotmail for a couple of months now, mostly that I don't receive messages. Now I have the same message you're seeing Eric. I'm beginning to really hate Hotmail, so maybe it's time for a change.


They have recreated Hotmail, I have used it once. It is even better then gmail


Hope so, I've always had problems with hotmail. I switched to yahoo, which seems to be better except it doesn't do too well with sending attachments. Hotmail's got that on yahoo for sure. I have an invite for a gmail account but haven't used it. I heard that it's better?


Hotmail has always sounded like a cheesy adult personals website to me.


Errors such as this happen about once a month, randomly for me. Usually last for 1 or 2 days.

I have 50 gmail invites, if anyone wants one, PM me or something. Gmail is fast and simple and seems to be quite stable. You can also use it as a POP3 account (ie in Outlook or Outlook Express or Thunderbird, etc).