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Hotlanta, GA


Hey so I will be visiting some family near Atlanta this xmas. Can anyone recommend some good bars or some good nightlife areas? Specifically I'll be in both John's Creek and Chamblee which is not too far from Atlanta, so I'd like to hit up the city a couple of nights. Thanks yo.


ALso I'm planning to go to Quest Gym in Duluth, any other gym recommendations?


I have been there once recently.

No input on the bars but for eating do not, I repeat DO NOT miss Gladyss Knights Chicken and Waffles.


Just go to 5 points.


Went "The Manchester Arms" English Pub earlier this year.


Yes, the pork chop is all that. Good brews.

Plus, I got my ass squeezed up by a female employee!


That place looks cool as shit Steelerz.

A friend recommended to me today: The Tavern at Phipps, Rock Bottom Restaurant/Brewery, and Primal Nightclub. Nightclubs really aren't my thing but who knows.


Its been awhile since I was last out there, but Buckhead was always a good look for the latenight


PB Andy -

Where'd you end up going? I was down there M-T this week.

We ate at the place I recommended above. Here's what I got:



http://www.hotlanta.com/ (link is courtesy of Mr. Push Harder)

Atlanta is a FUN fucking town. I used to go there two or three times a year with my rugby team back in the day. I remember one time we got kicked out of a bar for doing a flaming land shark (I was the one with a flaming piece of cardboard between my ass cheeks) and I lost my clothes... I was walking around Atlanta, drunk as shit, using a cardboard box with the top and the bottom opened and me inside as "clothes"... I STILL managed to hook up - the girls there practically pick themselves up. GOOD TIMES! LOL


I'd recommend trying to get into the Georgia Dome to bask in the Green Bay greatness that happened two weeks ago. I'm sure the aroma is still there.


never really liked gladyss knight's overpriced fried chicken that i needed to wait almost 2 hours for.... ehhh...

mary mac's is better IMO


Gladyss Knight's is fucking horrible. I live in Atlanta, and avoid that place at all costs. Fox Bros BBQ is what you want. The Porter for beer. And Clerment Lounge for entertainment.


dammit dude. atl is like 90 min from benning.

we could of hadz teh luv.


fat matt's rib shack is pretty good bbq too IMO...


Nice, triple post. Haven't seen one of those in a while. Yeah Fat Matt's is where you go if you like tender "fall off the bone" bbq. I prefer charred meaty, sink your teeth into, BBQ. I generally prefer Fox Bros, but when you're talking about this level of BBQ mastery it's semantics.