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Hotel Room Lifting

I work for a railroad and spend alot of time out of town. The hotel they set us up in has no gym, and transportation out of town is limited for me (therefore, so is access to a real gym). At home I do mostly strength training and generally stick to a push/pull split, changing my workout every 5-8 weeks. I was wondering if anyone knows of a good workout or program that I can use for my out of town time. I carry a set of resistance bands just so I can get in some activity while stuck in the hotel. I had considered using a p90x workout, but honestly, seeing some of the results from it and knowing some of the people who use that workout I am not sure its a great route to go. I have been lifting for about 10 years, but still consider myself a beginner. Any help on this would be great. Thank you.

about the bands… how many sets do you have ?

seems like the more sets I buy , the more uses I find for them . I’ve got 4 sets of EFS longs , and I can get quite a bit done with them . they’re cheap , travel easy , and very versatile .

The set I have has 4 bands in it, the adapter for using in the door(to elevate the attachment point), and the anklet attachments.

I’d go with a gymnast/bodyweight workout myself.

and the EFS shorts can be used for DLing if you can find a strong enough “bar” to hang them from .

hell , I’ve box squatted at home with the light bands…one end under my feet , the other end in my hands at shoulder level . with a make-shift bar , I could grab some average or strong bands and really have at it .

defenitely consider what others suggest also . Im just trying to illustrate the versatility of having a variety of bands to play with .

i would definitely check out the book Naked Warrior by Pavel Tsatsouline. Its based on the idea that a warrior should be able to take care of himself and train anywhere, anytime and with absolutely nothing but his own body (i.e. a “naked warrior”) I’ll admit the way the book is packaged is a bit cheezy. it sorta comes off as one of those books meant for gullible newbies looking for the ultimate-ancient-secret to instant super strength. but despite this, the author knows his shit, and i think the methods he talks about are worth learning and practicing. besides, you cant blame him for wanting to sell copies of his book (a man’s gotta eat, right?) .And honestly i think the information in the book is more useful and probably meant for somewhat more experienced trainees.

It talks extensively about techniques which help you increase your strength, and get more out of your strength training. Most of these methods have applications which reach beyond just strenght training. He also outlines a minimalist routine which involves no weights and works you up to doing one legged squats and one armed pushups. it even shows you how to do pullups and rows with just a door, in case youre stuck in a hotel room or something.

i dont know if i can email an ebook, but i have it downloaded on my computer and if youre cool with giving me your email address ill give it a shot so you can take a look for yourself.

I sent you a private message with my email in it Greatajax. Thanks alot for trying to get the book to me.