Hotel Deliveries

Has anyone ever had mail delivered to them whilst staying in a hotel? I’m travelling to Honolulu from Australia around Xmas time and was thinking of making use of the greater range of supps potentially available eg Mag-10 etc. than we have in Oz. I doubt Biotest stuff would be easily found in Hawaii so was going to order it in, although i’m just not sure about the logistics of it. Anyone have any thoughts?

I recently moved to the US (SoCal) from Europe and stayed at a motel for 1.5 months while looking for appartments. I didnt have any trouble getting mail or supplements delivered there.

I’ve done this with work before…as long as you inform the hotel, its not an issue. Most places don’t mind at all. We ship alot of things in a ahead of time for conferences and stuff. Hell, I’ve even had stuff sent to a hotel that I wasn’t staying at.

Give the hotel a call and speak with the concierge desk to find out what they might need for special instructions for inbound packages. (Most won’t accept freight, but that doesn’t sound like an issue for you.)

Remember the post in the US takes a bit longer around Xmas. You might want to order before you travel. The concierge desk will likely be happy to hold anything that might arrive before you do.

Since your question was answered I thought I would add in something else for you.

If you need/want a good cheat meal/Pizza night…Big Kahuna’s Pizza near the airport. By far the best deep dish pizza I have ever had. We would get it topped with Kalua Pig and Portugese sausage. My mouth is watering while I type.

Dukes Canoe Club is a fun place…located near Diamond Head.

There are a few forum members from Hawaii, do a search under members and send them a PM, maybe you all can get together and train while you are there…or maybe they can tell you if Biotest is available anywhere on the island. There is a big supplement store there…off of Kamehameha Highway…in Pearl City area I believe.

Have fun while visiting, I loved living there!!

I guess just make sure your d-bol and tren deliveries come through the back door.

Thanks for the info guys…just what i wanted to hear !

I would help you out more, but I live on Kauai. However do not use the biotest store. They only use Fed Ex which would add anywhere from 30 to 80 dollars extra to your order. So use Netrition for your orders and ship UPS. Then to time it so you get it when you are in your hotel is going to be tough. You can PM if you like maybe work something out.