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Hot Yoga for Flexibility and Core


Hey guys, my training is pretty good although my right hip has been bothering me for a long time and i cant seem to get my positioning right on in my snatch and clean as often as before.

My buddy suggested hot yoga to help get my flexibility balanced again and improve core strength.

Has anyone else done this? How was training the next day? Im thinking about doing it on an off day.


Hot yoga is intense. I feel really good after doing it but it's a workout/training session on its own. Why not just stretch on your own?


Yoga is fantastic in my opinion. I used to do a lot of it when I was seriously training, and I think it helps. Did not seem to affect me much at all the next day. It really helped with my hip and shoulder flexibility.


I think it depends on the teacher. Some of it may be useful. Some of it (e.g., twisting the lumbar spine) might injure you.

There is a bunch of stuff on mobility / stretching on this site.

I used to do a Bodybalance class (weird lightweight blend of yoga, tai chi, pilates). more of a mental deload than anything else. i found i got more out of 5-10 minutes focused work myself than out of a 60 minute class where a good chunk of that was focused on crap i didn't want (e.g, sit ups which only aggravated my hip flexors / neck).