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Hot Wheels


Growing up throughout the 60's and 70's, die-cast metal cars were some of my favorite things. Like most guys my age, we started out playing with Matchbox cars. When Hot Wheels came out in '68, it was like someone added turbo to the clunky Matchbox cars! They truly lived up to their name in speed and style.

The orange plastic tracks could be constructed into limitless configurations for racing and jumps. I remember getting a few Corgi cars here and there, but they were barely able to compete with Hot Wheels.

Here's the man's version of Hot Wheels today! LOL


I of course had many Hot Wheels but my true loves were the Corgis you mentioned. I had 2 or 3 of the Aston Martin from Goldfinger and the Batmobile from the TV show.


This was the other one that I loved so much that I think I had 2 of them.


I crushed all my hotwheels with a sledge hammer hanging from a rope when I was a kid for some stupid reason that seemed important at the time, however I've kept all my sons. Somewhere around five hundred lol, shitload of track too.

I love the bigger diecast cars. I've been meaning to build a glass case for these to keep the dust of them.


lol, I built the model!


Of course you did, Mr. Bond!


I had huge collections of them, I'd take whatever money I had, got to Thrifty's and buy as many as I could.

I'd play with them all day, on the furniture, on the carpet, in the garage, in the backyard, I'd find an anthill, and drive through them like they were marauders.

we had the tracks and the jumps, that was fun for a while, but got old, ya'know?

I had vans, trucks, busses, cars, concept cars, panel vans, classic cars, you name it.

my favorite, however was the camaro's.

then I discovered girlz.


So you STILL like hot wheels. :wink:


This one was my favorite in my collection (mine was black, however). The "Whip Creamer".

It had a turbo in the back that would spin and make a high-pitch sound when you blew on it.


hot wheels rocked, well still do actually. theyll never go away. I grew up in the nineties and they were an integral part of my childhood haha.

id play with them anywhere, make the tracks, and I even had a couple of giant rugs that when unrolled had roads and buildings and all that stuff, it was a little hot wheels town.


Remember this one?

I had this model


I had this one too~


Ah, yes! I had that one in metallic gold.


Yes indeed.


I actually have a hot wheels T-Shirt, family was giving me shit on vacation when I wore it.


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Can't speak for all here, but I've got almost as many years behind me.


Ok so who else got their ass whipped with the race track?

The rocket car was my favorite, mine was white.



I never did, but I watched my brother get beaten with it! He always had a messy room, and the tracks were all over the place one day, and my mom was fed up. So she beat him with a piece of track, then threw them all away. I didn't feel bad for my brother's pain, but I did feel bad the tracks were gone.



Yup, played with them as a kid. Now my son has them and we now set up sweet tracks and I get to play with them all over again.

We were racing them on day and we were picking the fast cars. He gave me a slow car and tried to sell it to me by saying; "but dad, this one is cool, it has flames....flaaaaames!"