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Hot, Wet, and Sticky - I Sweat Too Much


I sweat too much. In and out of the gym. I am 5'10", 175 lbs, and I work out 4x/ week. I do light cardio on off days, and I have a healthy diet.

Some people might suggest I struggle with hyperhidrosis, which is a medical condition where people sweat too much. Others might suggest I get my thyroid checked. I had both of these checked into, and my doctor told me that chances are, I just am on the far side of normal. He suggests that I just simply sweat more than most people. Maybe he's right, and there really is nothing I can do. But ..

Have any of you experienced overheating/ excessive sweating outside the gym from simple everyday activities? Could it be diet-related ? Any remedies ? I'm just sort of at my wits end. I shouldn't be drenched simply because it's warm outside and I'm walking 3/4 of a mile.

Any advice would be appreciated, no snide remarks please.


How about some anti-presperant deodorant?


How old are you. I notice every year that I sweat more and more with any activity. YOUS JUST GETTIN OLD


I am like this as well. It's damn annoying. I actually think my resting body temperature is slightly higher than normal. But who knows. It sucks.


I'm like this too.

It doesn't help that i now live in a sub-tropical place like Taiwan.

One time I came into work and one of the secretarys asked if it was raining because of how wet I was. It's strange though that I may sweat a lot, but I don't tire easily.


It sucks, dude, it really does.

Shit, I sweated walking around in sub 32 degree weather, with only a hoodie and shorts on.

There are a lot of lame issues, but frequent sweating is a real bitch. People who don't experience can't understand how uncomfortable it really is.


If you can't take it now, I would suggest not adding any more muscle.


Same here. It actually used to work to my advantage when I wrestled, my opponents couldn't grip me because I was so sweaty. I'm with Der Candy though, I think it's due to a higher than normal core temp. I actually had a girl break up with me because she said she didn't like lying with me because I was too hot!


Same here. Always been that way. I start dripping whenever it is a little muggy out and i'm exerting myself even slightly.

Lately i've been sweating like a pig after every shower. It's really fucking annoying to have to put myself on my couch in front of my fan for 15 minutes just to stop sweating.

Being a slightly anxious person doesn't help either. I'm not sure if it's the anxiety that is causing most of it, or if it's a comnbination of 'easily sweats' + anxiety, but as you can imagine they play off one another, so even when it's not hot out I can start sweating just because I can be too anxsious.


I sweat like a pig myself. I can feel sweat breaking out right after I get out of the shower on a muggy day. I was always this way even as a kid. Not just my pits, I sweat down my back, sides, front, head, you name it. I do the deodorant thing, 2 coats under each arm. I work in AC and sometimes it is on the fritz or just not keeping up. By about 2 PM I'm not as fresh as I started out, but fuck it, keep your distance if I smell that bad.



Bud, having a 6 pack and fucking huge man tits is not nearly as bad as being a sweatymotherfucker, there are people with a lot worse shit going on >:frowning:


I experience this as well. I went to the doctors and got prescription deodorant to help with underarm sweat (found a place you can buy online without a prescription too). The did a blood test on me and found nothing abnormal (altho I am uncertain how they test your thyroid), but classified me as having hyperhydrosis.

I sweat severely for almost no reason. I have had numerous girls tell me I am extremely warm; I wonder if my resting temperature is higher like already mentioned. Any sort of activity, or even just walking into the store from my car (or sitting in my car when the a/c is not on full blast) will cause me to sweat profusely.

I actually denied going to a concert the other day because I knew how badly I would have sweat that day. That is depressing and down right embarrassing when you cant go based upon your sweat issues. Gaining muscle has definitely added to this issue. I am hoping that by dropping a good bit of body fat I will sweat less. I do a lot more running now, so I soak, um, everything.

The worst was in school tho- when called upon, I would get nervous. I would start to sweat. Then I would get nervous because I was sweating, and get even sweatier. It's a vicious cycle!


I sweat a lot as well. I think that we all just have a very efficient cooling mechanism! I notice that I do better in the heat than most people I know. I live in DC, so the east coast humidity does not help! I was being a good samaritan yesterday and helped a woman change her flat tire. It was 90+ degrees and my hands were sweating so badly that I had to rub my palms in the dirt so that I could grip the tire-iron with out slipping off!

I have had a few women complain that I drip on them while I'm fucking them, but other than that, no negative repercussions. If I am in a business meeting, I just keep my suit jacket on and carry a white hanky to blot my forehead with.

I use regular old spice deodorant and keep a spare in gym bag, which is always in my car so I can "freshen up" if I need to. I have never found an anti-perspirent (sp) that would work effectively so fuck it - I just sweat. If anyone doesn't like it, they can fuck off! LOL


So the general consensus is just to bite the bullet ? Besides AC, has anything worked for anyone else ? I can't believe there are no prescriptions for this.


I have a friend that sweats a ton. His whole body is usually soaked. He complains and has gone to see the doctor. He has tried some medication but he didn't like the side effects so he just deals with it. It gets to the point where he has to dry his hands off before he uses his iTouch. It won't recognized a wet finger.

It obviously isn't that uncommon. You will probably just have to deal with it the best you can.


I can't believe this hasn't been mentioned yet:

GOLD BOND - Get the green one.

I have the same problem, especially my lower back, nuts, and ass. I actually googled "swamp ass" yesterday to see if there were any good suggestions. I already knew about Gold Bond, but I hadn't heard of the green, extra-strength version. I'm telling you, it hurts, but it's worth it. It's like 10 altoids for your ass.

Other than that, I really don't know. I'm pretty lean and I still sweat really bad. I usually have to switch my shorts/boxers 2 to 3 times a day. It's fucking gross. Now that I use Gold Bond all of the time, I usually only have to chance once a day, if that. Get some Gold Bond! And thank me later!


I have that problem to. Hasn't been as bad since I've dropped weight. I also think my bodies adapted to hotter temps by working in a kitchen, it was 120 in the kitchen last night with 90% humidity outside. 80 with 90% humidity doesn't seem as bad after being in the kitchen for 8hrs. try sitting in a sauna maybe your body will adapt to higher temps.


it's a must have, use it at work and when running so my legs don't go up in flames


I have the same problem. I live in Japan and to make things worse the summers here are very humid. It is good while working out but can be very annoying when I have to dress up for some special occasion. I guess that we "hot guys and girls" just have to except that. But on the other side I can tolerate the cold much better in the winter time.


Me too.

I used to leave puddles of sweat on the school wrestling mats.

When we were done warming up.. I would have already sweat more than the other guys would the entire time. :frowning:

And I was a lean mofo then. 6% bodyfat... and I weighed nearly nothing.