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Hot Tubs and Building Muscle


Hey everybody! I'm a long time reader, brand new member, and I'm hoping you can help me. My boyfriend and I are Powerlifters. He has a hot tub at his house that he would love to use after the gym to relax, however, he is concerned that relaxing the muscles too much after a hard workout will counter act the pump and lead to less muscle growth.

My nursing background says that's false, but he would feel better hearing it from more than just me. Anybody got any info for me, It's greatly appreciated!!


So let me get this straight. You are both powerlifters, but are concerned about losing the 'pump'and muscle growth? I didn't think powerlifters knew what a pump was!!

Your post workout nutrition, training methods and nutrition in general are goin to influence your strength and muscle gains more than jumping in a hot tub.



Hot tubs are not bad and won't take a pump away. The increased heat will expand blood flow, thereby getting good blood flow. Ice restricts blood flow. Don't use the hot tub after an injury that needs ice, But then I'm making this all up.