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Hot Tub?


Hi I was wondering if there is any benefit to using a hot tub spa for recovery? Anyone know anything about this?


O like hot tubs before workouts to get loose before I hit the gym floor.

Hot tubs are more of an indirect thing...massage your body while you're in in and stretch.

You're more flexible in water

Its worth it if you have the time...just don't get in the tub and sit there DO something.


going to be moving in about 5 months to another part of country and my new house has an outdoor tub, so its not like i can use it right before training.


Well, like I said. Go for it,hot water massages are never a bad thing.


I find it helps with soreness the next day if I get in the tub and stretch a bit before bed, can't really say i've noticed any benefit beyond that.




hahaha. Very helpful response. I like your style.

Anyways, loosen up in a hot tub and do a little stretching. Plus they're great for getting the ladies naked and alcohol flowing. A little extra cardio never hurt anybody.


Ok so sounds like a bit of stretching in the tub post workout could be beneficial.


I have a sauna in the house. The day after deads or heavy back work I hit the sauna, eat dinner, and sleep like a rock. Really help to relax the sore muscles. Not so good for legs, but I'd think the hot tub would help more there.


I like going to the hot tub, then foam rolling.

Note: This is total bro science and it feels good


Hot tubs can have a positive affect by causing vasodilation (widening of blood vessels). This causes an increase in blood flow, due to a decrease in vascular resistance, thus reducing inflammation and pressure to relax the muscles.

The best option is to take contrast baths/showers. Most have probably heard about contrast baths and their positive affect on recovery. Personally, they are hard to get used to but once you start doing them for a while they become easier to take. They are better than just taking straight hot or cold showers because the quick switch from hot to cold reduces inflammation and induces muscle recovery.

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We did this when I played college ball. Cold tub about 45 seconds, hot shower 45 seconds, cold tub, shower etc.

I can't speak to the science behind it but I felt pretty good after doing it.


John any articles you can point me towards to read?


Do cold/hot showers affect your CNS?


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