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Hot Tub Time Machine

I love the Premise.

1:22-1:28 is hilarious, at least to me.

After reading up on it, I think I’ll wait for the DVD. And then, I’ll probably just borrow it from someone.

It looks like “The Hangover” meets , well, “The Time Machine” I guess.

I’d prefer if it was more Bill & Ted with different eras.

And the thing where they try and show the difference between 2010 and 1986 by talking about iPods VS Walkmans is already a cliche isn’t it? I mean “Back to the Future” seemed more relevant and had better stuff to work with. Having the guy ask the 80s girl for her e-mail is lame.

Greatest. Movie. Title. EVER!!

Here’s the R rated trailer


[quote]WolBarret wrote:

I love the Premise.

1:22-1:28 is hilarious, at least to me.

Craig Robinson is usually a pretty fucking funny guy.

Btw, nice Thor avatar there Wol.

this looks awesome

“That just sounds…exhausting”


It looks like the exact same movie as ‘The Goods’ but set around a hot tub time machine instead of a merc group of car salesmen. I’m surprised they got John Cusack to do it. I’ll see it, just not sure it’ll be for $10 a ticket.

[quote]CGspot wrote:
this looks awesome

“That just sounds…exhausting”

“I feel pregnant”

I hope I never hear that.

Just saw this last night and Ive got to say I expected it to be somewhat funny but it totally blew my expectations and was damn hilarious. Much funnier than I thought it would be.