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Hot Tub Jets as a Substitute for Foam Rolling


I don't have a foam roller on hand at the moment, and though I know they can be easily acquired I was wondering whether it would be possible to accomplish the same tissue quality enhancement/adhesion breakdown etc. by applying pressure from a hot tub's jets- and if not, how great the difference in effectiveness would be between the two methods.

Many thanks,

The Canadian


All the supposed of foam rolling benefits that you mentioned are speculation at best, at least for now. Any comparison of the two "methods" is going to be purely hypothetical.

I don't foam roll, nor do I own a hot tub. If I did own a hot tub, I would use it all the time... not for "tissue enhancement/adhesion breakdown," but just because a hot tub feels great.


Foam rolling is poor mans massage imo.

On another note, have you ever heard of Chuck Palahniuk, he has an interesting story for you regarding jets.




I foam roll religiously. I don't know how I lived without one for so long.

While the jets feel good, and probably help to loosen up a bit, there's no way that you'll get the pressure you would from a roller. One of the best things for me is that it can crack my upper back, which is almost impossible without a good amount of direct pressure/weight.

One of the things that I sub in when I don't have a roller is a ball - a lacrosse ball, a tennis ball, whatever - roll it against a wall into all of your knots in your back and your hips.


Mr. Palahniuk again proves his talents as a writer...in a very, very disturbing way.


No. Unless you have some Tim Taylor supercharged small block powered one.


Just be careful with that. Hot tub breakdowns are a terrible thing.


Aw damnit! I saw this thread in the list of forums listed as "Hot Tub Jets as a Substitute for...", clicked on it fully expecting/hoping for the "..." to be "a Vibrator." Then I realized I wasn't in SAMA anymore.


Thanks for all the replies, guys!
Guess the hot tub will be restored to "recreational use only," and I'll have to pick up a foam roller after all.