Hot Stuff

Did anybody get good results from the old Hot Stuff drink from the early nineties? I find myself scratching my head in wonder at their adds. They claim it’s like taking over 50 pills but yet the capsule form of Hot Stuff came in 12 pill a day servings. It has no more than a sprinkle of creatine and the ingredients no longer resemble those of the original product. Is anyone as intrigued by this supplement anomaly as I am? Has anyone gotten any results from it?

I took Hot Stuff back in the early and mid 90s. It fired me up. But I puked after every workout. And if I took it anytime after about 3p.m., I couldn’t sleep at all that night. In the end, it wasn’t worth it.

Wow, talk about a blast from the past! If I remember correctly, the original formula was rumored to have a “secret ingredient” or two if you know what I mean, just like the original Met-Rx formulas. I remember a lot of people liking that when it first came out.

The original formula I believe was rumored to have been spiked by methyltest. I remember back then I had a whole lot of people tell me without reservation that “HoT Stuff Works!!” By the time I got around to trying it in '92 the original version had been updated and it diddn’t seem to do much of anything.

I remember it like it was yesterday. This big gorilla of a bodybuilder who was working at GNC raved about it when it first came out. I bought some and man it was great. I was fired up like never before. After that first bottle it wore off and I never felt the same. I suspected it had a ton of caffeine or maybe ephedrine to fire me up. I doubt it had much more than that.

I tried the original “Hot Stuff”, got hot a sweaty, shakey and did have some intense workouts on it. Having spent the money on it I used it up and then never bought it again. I heard it was the brain child of Dan D. and it had been spiked. I even heard that there had been some deaths attributed to it.
TC might be able to give you more info.
Today , I would use Power Drive by Biotest, especial if I were using the 5x5 program while on a diet.
Best of Luck

80’s gimick garbage. Dan D had nothing to do with it. The owner of Hot Stuff was something Ciola or something. Very good at advertising.