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Hot Sensation in Shoulder When Pulling Downward


I noticed a few days ago a pain when my right rear deltoid whenever I pull downward behind me (as if I were dragging something). It is only painful when I pull downward and the pain is mild and doesn’t linger long at all. I can best describe it as feeling as if my muscle is being stretched thin and some heat is being released. It occurs at the top of the rear deltoid where it meets the side deltoid. There is no swelling or bruising. I went to a clinic where a nurse said that they didn’t typically handle muscular issues gave me a loose diagnosis of a pinched nerve but said she wasn’t at all sure that that was the issue and said I should get a second opinion. Have any of you experienced anything similar or do you have any idea as to what it may be? I’m training again starting January 9th, and don’t want this to keep me from training. Thanks!


Stretch and stabilize the shoulder joint. Shoulders become easily impinged and ‘gunked’ up over time, especially with a lot of barbell work.

Band work (YouTube) is great for stretching and lying Arm bar holds and overhead carries are great for stabilization.


Do you have any idea what my muscle pain may be though?


Could be a bone spur causing issues with your tendon, or a pinched nerve,or a partial tear of a tendon.

Go see an ortho doc. You likely will need an MRI to verify soft tissue damage. BTW, torn tendons dont repair themselves. Go see a good ortho


Tough to say over the webz, sorry. The rotator cuffs and bicep tendons are easily angered as well, so it could be a # of things. Get looked at if it’s persistent.