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Hot Sauce Mom...



I'm here to say "I told you so".



This is only child abuse if the hot sauce wasn't Franks Red Hot cayenne pepper sauce.

No, seriously, that woman is clearly off her rocker.


Devil's Advocate.

A woman who squirted hot sauce into the mouth of her adopted Russian son for lying about getting in trouble in school was convicted Tuesday of misdemeanor child abuse in what prosecutors said was a ploy to get on the "Dr. Phil" TV show.

Sounds like they charged her for making a video of it, not the act itself. Further, the courts would also charge someone with the same thing for putting their kid in time-out for "too long."

So, obvious hot-sauce in the mouth is equal to long time-outs.


No Chris, they convicted her of child abuse because she abused a child. They ploy is that she did it to get on television, but the act is what got her convicted.

The verdict speaks to the equivalence to a long time out. Her attorney couldn't squeak that one by a jury either.


Reading thread title in great anticipation...leaving disappointed.
[/pulling pants back up]


Lame. The family never should have publicized the act of punishing their children, they were asking for negative attention in a big way.

I remember having my mouth washed out with soap, getting spanked and occasionally belted (I would have gladly chosen to eat hot sauce), sent to bed with no dinner and being grounded with no tv, radio, phone privilege or use of the backyard pool.

In fact, I would have chosen hot sauce and a cold shower over almost all of the punishments I received.

My punishments are common and generally accepted forms of correction but they could all be twisted in to abuse.

I could have choked on soap.

Spanking is controversial and the alleged abusive aspect of it is obvious.

No dinner could turn in to a media field day of starvation and neglect

Being grounded could be considered extreme isolation....

It's all so subjective.

I love my parents, they raised me to be a productive, active member of society and I wasn't an easy kid. Their intent was always love, they always explained the why behind the what and hoped lessons stuck. It sounds like this was the case for the linked family. It's not like they were just being sadistic assholes deriving pleasure from the kids pain.

This is a bullshit conviction.


Oh, this again? Awesome. Last time there was such a rational and enlightening discussion.


I didn't see a link to the video in the article but I remember it as being very hard too watch.


A spanking would be hard to watch too.


Perhaps I will see if I can dig up the thread and you can decide for yourself.


here is the old thread


if you just want to see the video this is it.


Sounds good, could be a waste of time, fyi. I don't always trust video, nobody knows what happened before the inflaming incident.

My mentality is that if the kid was being an asshole a cold shower and hot sauce is pretty tame compared to other, more widely accepted forms of punishment.

No kid gets punished willingly, they all scream bloody murder which can pull at emotional heart strings but the incident has to be kept in context.

I will watch though, and maybe put my foot in my mouth, we'll see.


Subsitute soap and "Why did you say the word fuck? Do we say the word fuck on the playground?" Very common.

Pulling three cards, including one for fighting over a pencil, would be an instant spanking in many households across the US. If a cold shower made him cry, she should have really given him something to cry about. I remember that phrase well and "Just wait until your father gets home".

The kid is upset, knows he's wrong and cries like kids do. He is being taught the value of honesty and manning up to his actions.

I see an upset kid who clearly knew the consequence of the actions he carried out, not an abused child.

The music Dr.Phil set the scene to is fucking awesome though and of course he spun the story in to one of abuse, neglect, misuse of power et cetera, his soccer mom audience wouldn't have had it any other way and he has bills to pay.

Older generations always talk about mine and the one after me as a self entitled, lazy group with no direction. Maybe it's because many of them were pussies as parents and time out with a stern voice was not actually enough to instill respect and understanding of authority in a kids mind.


You can teach values to children without hot sauce. All this does is make the kid want to grow up and shoot his mother in her sleep.


The kid knew what he did wrong. He clearly had been told lying and fighting were unacceptable but did it anyway.

Some kids push back harder than others. Maybe a stern voice and a time out works on some but others require a spanking, soap or hot sauce to "get it".

I know if my parents had been pussies I would have walked all over them. But I also knew if I tried to disrespect their authority I would lose, every time. This kept me in line and as I got older and developed the capacity to understand the lessons they were teaching me I had a great respect for what they had been doing.

I love my parents, I would never hurt them and I had it worse than that kid. There were plenty of times I was mad at them, mostly for not letting me do what ever the fuck I wanted and not for the belt or soap, but big picture there are no scars or mental anguish.

A cold shower and hot sauce, in the right context, is not abuse. Had they done that to him for crying over a bee sting for example, because his crying annoyed them, you would have an abusive situation. Context is key.

Fuck, little league coaches treat their players harsher than that, not to mention jr. high and hs.


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It's weird, for some reason you're arguing to a bunch of people who think this was an illegal action, as well as against a court sentencing that deemed the same verdict as well.

So basically, your opinion means nothing. Have a nice day!


It's definitely unconventional, but I don't know that it reaches the threshold of abuse. If there is any truth to what her attorney says, she got royally screwed. And the burden of proof is supposed to fall on the prosecution to prove otherwise.


illogical analogy. nice try. go back to PWI, they (and you) are expert at fallacious arguments.


I would have argued prohibition and the legality of slavery too. And thanks for the well wishes!