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Hot rox


Hey i heard you shouldnt really have caffine cause it spikes insulin levels and i noticed hot rox had that in it. So is hot rox good i have 9 precent body fat but i kno hot rox dosnt take muscle away it just strips fat and im goin on a nutrtion plan basically appetite for construction and i think this will be good build mass while strip fat. Any thoughts?


I think you need to find how you react to caffeine. I personally dont have a problem with it and cutting or bulking. I drink coffee and green tea all day. I do stop about 5 hrs befor bedtime so I can sleep.

Other than that I have cut with and without and saw no noticable difference.

I think it is like many/every other aspect of training,nutrition, and life. you simply have to experiment and document the results and find how it effect you.

Hope this helps.



You don't need to lose fat.

You have none to lose.

Bulk up, gain muscle, spend the former Hot Rox money on food.

I'm not trying to flame you, but you are WAY TOO SMALL to be using Hot Rox. You already have a six pack. You don't really have any fat to "strip."

Also, even if you were already thick and not very lean, you can't really "strip" fat and bulk up substantially at the same time..at least not naturally.

If for some reason I am out of my mind and have you confused with some other person who posted their pics asking about "wanting to look good but play athletics too" then disregard my post.


yea thats me man, i am eating alot more now and im looking leaner actually but more muscular lol but you dont think i need hot rox even when goin for mass cause ill just gain mass and lose fat. What percent would u say i was when u saw that pick i kno im less now.
Lemme know


Alright, I touched on this in my previous post, I have issue with that statement above.

Now I certainly am not one to claim I know all the intricacies of metabolism, but it seems you don't have a good grasp on fat loss/muscle gain and what happens to your body when you're doing one or the other.

Simply taking a fat burner, while eating a lot food is not going to allow you to burn fat and get muscular at the same time.

Let me state it again, it is EXTREMELY HARD to put on significant muscle mass and drop significant amounts of bodyfat (Which you dont have) at the SAME time, NATURALLY, unless you are very new to training or very obese.

So, since you are really lean ( I dont know what percentage..sorry) and you need to bulk, spend the money on food, not Hot Rox, read some more on this site, get a better understanding of fat loss and muscle gain use it to GET FUCKIN HUGE.

You COULD use Hot Rox during your bulk to offset any potential fat gain , but you look like the type who won't need this, and why not just try to save money by being more precise with your diet?

Ahem well, I hope that helps a bit.


I have to say ND's response is right on.

To put on mass you need to learn that you will have to carry a certain amount of BF. You simply cant expect to stay at ultar low %'s and make considerable gains. Not saying you need to blow up and get over fat, but in order for your body to put any energy toward muscle growth. You must carry what your body feels is a natural level of fat.

Hope this helps