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I'm new so sorry if this is a repeat,but does anyone know if Hot-Rox is better than stuff like Xenadrine? Obviously it is more expensive but if it works I guess it's worth it right? I've often heard that since the ephredra ban the fat burners are a waste of money, any insight would be great. Thanks
p.s. if it helps,I think I need to lose about 10lbs of fat to get cut


This of course is my opinion, but Hot Rox is much better than something like Xenadrine, at least in it's current iteration. Xenadrine used to be somewhat effective because of the ephedra that was included but the newest version just has a lot of caffeine in it and not much else. Plus xenadrine (cytodyne actually) has some of the most egregious cases of misrepresentations when it comes to "before and after" pics. Do a search on hot rox and you'll see all that went into it's developement. Of course, I still feel a good ECA stack is also very effective, if you wanted to go that way...


work on your diet if its needed (i don't know what your doing right now). And if you want to know more about hot rox search the forums or just look down this page.


Ok...this is your second question..

You have LOTS of learning to do.

In your previous post you were asking about ways to build your chest up.

Now you are wanting to lose fat and get "cut."

Seems to me that you are risking trying to gain size and lose fat at the same time, meaning you don't know enough about training and nutrition to adequately achieve your goals.

I'll answer your question. Hot Rox is better than all the other ephedra free fat burners. Helps you lose fat , curb your appetite, keep you in relatively good spirits, and maintains your muscle mass...but all of these benefits come with a big "if"...that if being...


Simply put, don't try to get big and get "cut" (lose bodyfat) at the same time, unless you really have your diet down. You may gain some muscle, and lose some fat, but it'll be a much slower process, and this is assuming your diet, training, and recovery are all dialed in, and you are training without "enhancement."

Here is the reading I would suggest for you:

T-Dawg 2.0
Ripped Rugged and Dense
7 Habits
The Frequently Asked Question Section (FAQ)
Just for the hell of it, Massive Eating I,II, and Massive Eating: Reloaded

Basically it sounds like you have lots of learning and reading to do. I do not know your complete stats, but the best advice you're going to get is educating yourself on how you need to eat and train for your specific goals.


Thanks for all your help guys. I guess using the term "cut" was wrong on my part, I just am sick of having my belly pouch. Although it is going away slowly. I guess my goal now would be to trim the bodyfat and put the big muscle gains on hold for awhile. Thanks again, it's much appreciated to have someone actually help.