I am 17 yrs old, 178 lbs 12%bf 5’10", and have been dieting for 4 weeks with decent results, my diet is perfect, and I have adequate protein (210g+) however I have managed to hit a rather hard plateau even after I again lowered my cals. I am goin to Cuba in 4 weeks so I want to go shredded, my Question basically is, would Hot-Rox be a good idea to aid, maybe only half a dose. What do you guys think and your comments are only knowledge if you don’t want to be liable for me takin this supp don’t be worried as I am fully researched and not a fool. Thanks in advance guys.


Yes Hot Rox is a great supp. to help those who have their diet in line get over a plateau. That said I would also like to post some info that I put on another thread yeterday that I feel fits your situation quite well also.


While abs are great and all. I just want to stress that at your age it is NO time to be getting to wrapped up in BF%. This has the possibility to lead to you shorting yourself on food intake. This is the last thing you need at your age. Not saying you need to eat so much you ballon up, but by no means do you want to be deficient on nutrients from whole foods at your age.

You have plenty of years to go to have a rock hard well defined “UP CLOSE” six pack, if that is what your goals is. But in the long run will be better of health wise, physique wise, and pretty much all around if you simply spend these years training hard and nailing a good diet that has you growing like a weed not cutting down to low BF%'s.

Hope that helps ’
Phill [/quote]

So in closing. Yes Hot Rox could help you. Just dont let this ultra lean image get the best of you. At your age it can be more detrimental than you think to constantly try and carry a low BF%.

One of the pluses with the Hot Rox though seems it’s ability to help preserve LBM. While getting down to low BF%.

Another thing you may consider that could help you get over this plateau is bring your intake back up for a week or so. Come back up to maintenence and let your body get out of this mind set of being deprived all the time. Let your metabolism straighten out for a few days, and get those hormones flowing strong and then go back to the diet. Just please do yourself a favor and don’t starve yourself for 1 vacation of looking “Shredded”. Go at it smart with a solid plan. Possibly even concentrate instead on maintaining and adding LBM instead of losing BF.

hope this helps,
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Phill, I could’nt agree more, so far I’ve put on 45lbs while maintaining a 15-16% bf. So I don’t really worry about that since I’ve been there for about 2 yrs now. However I think that at this point in my training career, it seems as though it is a good time to “reveal” what I have and actually cut for once just to know how to do it, and believe me after this vacation i’m goin straight to 200+. However I only want to lose about another 6lbs. I find this attainable, however I just did reset my metab about 2 weeks ago, and with the problem of my diet situation I merely wanted to know if Hot-Rox is a viable option, and if there is any objections and if so why? Thx alot though Phill, well informed persons such as yourself is what makes forums worth while.

no problem hope it helped.

Have fun and learn from your journey.

any more ?'s dont hewsitate to ask us.