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For those of you who have taken Hot-Rox what effects did you notice? An increased rate of drop in the waistline? Increased ability to cut your calories lower? And how long until you started seeing any effect?

Hey, there Proteinpowda, a while back there was a Hot-Rox Challenge (i.e., contest) to see who could do the most impressive job of altering their body composition. There was a lot at stake, a $1,000 leather jacket, supps, money, fame, notoriety, admiring looks from the opposite sex . . .

With that preface, (grin), do a search on Hot -Rox Challenge, changing the default in the drop-down window to T-mag.

Simply? Hot-Rox rocks!

I am a fan of Hot Rox too.
I noticed a few things.
I like it best on an empty stomach and seem to notice more warmth from it when I take it that way. It was noticable right away but about 1.5 weeks in is when I really felt that its effects were strongest at:
Making me hot.
Noticably suppressing appetite.
Allowed me to have steady energy while dieting. Good stimulant, no jitters or general crap feeling I get from ephedrine or clen.
I also kept strength up while on it.
The appetite suppression and stim effects happen right away but peak after a little more than a week. Weight loss obviously follows eating less, eating right and working out right (lifting and HIIT/cardio)

Three weeks before my vacation I took it. Kicking my own ass for not taking the before and after pictures…was a hell of a difference for 3 weeks.
Without alot of cardio…i might mention.

P.S. TC, you guys want to impress me…lower the price on Hot-Rox.
I pay $100 Canadian and would gladly buy it online from you guys online.