Is Hot-Rox for people who want to lose weight or for people who body build? Has anyone tried it or heard personal experiences from people who have?

People who want to lose weight and people who bodybuild are not mutually exclusive categories.

In all honesty it would probabaly work better for a bodybuilder for the simple fact that it helps maintain lean body mass which a bodybuilder is so concerned with, in addition to the meticulousness of a bodybuilder’s diet.


If you’re looking to drop fat, and you’re not a bodybuilder, and you are already dropping fat because you have your DIET and excersize dialed in properly, it will help you preserve lean body mass as well, in addition to curbing your appetite for sweets and increasing your fat loss.

BUT…I don’t know anything about you, your stats, how much you want to lose or anything…so I can only speculate. If you have a lot of weight to lose though, your best bet would probably be getting your diet dialed in properly so that you lose the majority of what you have to lose, and then throw in Hot Rox at the end to help you lose the last few pounds while keeping your muscle.

To kind of “finish things off.”

Unless money’s not an issue.

It’s not magic though.

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chances r u will not get many replies to this. Hot Rox has been talked about over and over again. If you use the search engine you will find everything you need to know.

It is mainly used for fat loss but some ppl use it during a bulking phase to minimise fat gain.

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Yes, it’s a fat loss supplement. But it also allows you to retain muscle while dieting which is pretty unique. Some even gain muscle, but of course they’re the ones who really have everything else like diet and training tuned in.

See if the search engine here will bring up the Hot-Rox Challenge. Lots of pics in those threads. This was a contest held about a year ago here on the forum. Also, more info here:

More advantageous to use while trying to drop some excess body weight.


Let’s, once again, clarify “bodybuilding”.

Anyone who trains with weights is basically a “bodybuilder”. If you intend to compete or are competing, you are a “competitive bodybuilder”.

If you read the information on Hot Rox, you’ll see that you can use it for fat loss or as you bulk to hold back excess bodyfat.