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Got a quick question.

I have a minor surgery on Friday, and the doctor told me to stay away from anything that thins my blood, such as alcohol, asprin, advil, etc., etc. Do you know if there’s anything in Hot-Rox that MAY thin blood? It’s important as I may stop taking Hot-Rox until Friday to be on the safe side.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Any surgery is a stress on the body. You may not want to create a calorie deficit (also a stress) so close to surgery.

kot rox thins the blood. cy wilson said it has a vaso dilation effect. wouldnt take it for a while. or until u feel 90% weel again.


Ally: Thining the blood, and vasodilation are two separate issues. Blood “thickness” is dependent on the % composition of platelettes in your blood. Vasodilation is just the expansion of your blood vessel walls. Both can have a similar effect in that they both result in reduced blood pressure.

That said, I agree that you should probably stay away from Hot-Rox pre- and post-surgury just to be safe. Depending on your health condition, any non-surgically induced reduction in blood pressure could be extremely dangerous, (since every surgery decreases blood pressure to some degree…some more than others).

Best of luck during your procedure and recovery!

Thanks for all your replies. :slight_smile:

I don’t expect the surgery to be very drastic or complicated, as it’s a very minor thing.