Hot rox

Is it worth the $ or is a ECA suplement better? Thanks

Definitely worth the money. I’ve never used anything that effective in my life. I highly recommend it and would use it again if getting lean is your goal. Just make sure you eat and train correctly.

It blows away any ECA stack.

Considering that it does the same job of burning fat, perhaps better and also seems to aid in both keeping muscle and even gaining muscle during use, it is.

Keep in mind that if you just want to drop fat, ECA may be just as good. But if you’re also looking into some sort of anti-catabolic supplement to go with, then Hot Rox will save you the trouble (and money).

I guess it really depends.

Noticeable difference. Much improved over an ECA stack.

Worth the money, best Supp I have ever taken for weight loss.

Makes dieting MUCH easier. Definitely worth the money.

3 people I’ve worked with have used it and had great results, just don’t expect the energy or “shakey” feeling you’d get from a typical ECA.

Basically, you may or may not FEEL a lot from it but trust me it will work. Make sure your diet and training are in order. Also, maybe search the t-forums for other hr info and results.

Check netrition or other sites for good prices.

I started taking Hot-Rox when I plateau?d using my normal diet (t-dawg) and workout routine. It was a smart move, because I noticed a huge difference. I’ll be receiving my second order within the next few days :slight_smile:

I using hot rox and t-dawg 2.0 this is the
first time while dieting I keeping up strenght
and Muscle. By far the best fat burner I have
ever used.

Good Luck

I was in the Hot Rox contest…you can see my results there if its still around. If not i gained 2 lbs of muscle and lost about 7-8 of fat. On a low carb diet non the less. That impressive to me

Thanks guys… I live in norway and hot-rox is very hard to get here, but a friend of mine says he can get me 2bottles. How many days does this last for a 200ibs serious bodybuilder on diet? thanks…

2 bottles would be 40 or 80 days depending on regular dose or maximum dose. I gained around 3 lbs lbm and lost around 9 lbs fat to go from roughly 10% BF to 8% BF. That is exceptional considering I wasn’t cutting calories to a ridiculous level and on steriods like most pro bodybuilders would be. If you were to take MAG-10, 4-AD-EC, or Methoxy-7 with it you could probably expect greater lbm gains. I tried it with Methoxy-7 and was blown away by the initial speed of fat loss. If I had enough money to maintain the use of Methoxy-7 with it I would have ended up like Machine probably- check his results out if you can find them, though the “Machine” did it through pure bad-assness and no Methoxy-7.

On an off topic about Rot rox. I am from Canada, and from what everyone has told me they are Illegal up here. Anyone want to Fex Ex me some in a Tylenol bottle? Just kidding.

On a serious note I am trying to accomplish some serious fat loss, and from what i’ve heard/read this stuff blows away everything else. Is there anyone around from Canada that has managed to get some without good ol’ Health Canada getting their paws on it?