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Damn it's so enticing. I want some, but then i saw the price 90$ for a bottle. WOW, thats expensive. What do you guys think.

Do you think the price will ever drop? If i wait do you think i will still be able to get some?


Done deal, got 3 of em.


Yes I think it is outrageously exspensive especially when you factor in the conversion for Canadians. That being said I have ordered 2 bottles and am getting one bottle free. My theory is, if this stuff works the way they say it does than I will gladly part with my money. If it does not work like they claim. Simple, I will take advantage of the 100% money back guarantee. I don;t think I will have to though as we are speaking about Biotest not some weider product.
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That Tim Patterson is one marketing genius. I swear he could sell me a box of shit, especially if he guaranteed it. Nevertheless, this Hot-Rox looks exciting. I'm considering going in on it with 2 other people and testing out a bottle for ~ 3 weeks.

One thing I don't understand is why he down-played Ephedra so much. I understand that if used for too long (beta receptors down regulating), or by itself (w/out caffeine & yohimbine) it becomes ineffective. But to say that it's "obsolete" is somewhat ludicrous. Unless of course Hot-Rox pans out to be the MAG-10 of fat loss.

I think the price is high due to the fact they are the only company with this formula. The price will remain if demand remains. It might also come down if demand increases sharply and Biotest is able to mass produce the stuff saving money via EOQ on raw materials. Who knows?

I'm curious if Biotest will continue to make T2Pro considering the Sclaremax is more effective than forskolin. Or is it safe to use regular T2 w/ Hot-Rox.

My plan of attack is my home-made super charged MD6 (25mg ephedra tab + 200mg caffeine tab + 8mg yohimbine tab), old T2 formula, AND Hot-Rox. Combine that with some anabolic goodies, an awesome diet, and Renegade training I think the fat should melt off. If not, I don't know what will.


I just ordered three of them as well, despite the outrageous price tag that is attached to them. Looking forward to them; however I do grow a little weary of the "act now, supplies are limited" thing that all the supplement companies do when something new comes out. I would've ordered it whether there's a thousand bottles or ten thousand bottles.


And I even paid extra for overnight shipping.

Great choice on 7-Keto, by the way guys! What a coincidence that we were just discussing this very supplement this morning on the forum.


E/C, yohimbe, T2 AND HOT ROX all at the same time, Machine??????

That sounds like overkill big time. You might want to ask Bill Roberts before slamming all that down, but I can't think that would be a good idea unless you alternate days or something like that. I just ordered a bottle of T2 this morning and still have MD6 but have no plans on using all of them with Hot Rox. I just can't think that's a good idea.


Just ordered 3 bottles!


It's possible using Hot-Rox w/ T2 or T2Pro would be problematic but certainly not Ephedra+caffeine+yohimbine. Here's why I think that:

Ephedra+caffeine+yohimbine work by a different pathway (so to speak) than Hot-Rox. If Hot-Rox elevated blood pressure than I would reconsider. However, it's not supposed to so I don't see how this combination could be overkill.

On the other hand, T2 and T2Pro might be overkill. I never felt hot from T2 even at 5 caps/day but I got the hot feeling off T2Pro at 3 caps/day. I included T2 only b/c this stuff is good. So good the gov't made Biotest yank the stuff off the market. However, you may be right. My thyroid might already be super charged and not need anymore. But I have 1 bottle that is expiring in August and I damn well better use it.


Damn Machine, sounds like a recipe for immense fat loss, or a internal meltdown. One thing that concerns me is the idea of all this thermogenesis. Tim mentioned how he felt hot all the time. I feel like this now. I guess I better not wear my orange robe or I might burst into flames...


WOW, machine you got it man. You just said everything in terms of fat loss supplementation in one sentence. If I could add one thing to that stack though which has helped me tremendously with my retarded (immense) feasting of carbs. is r-ala. Definately throw that in, at 100mg per dose. Take it right before carb meals. That is if your gonna consume any:-? And don't forget the underated monster l-tyrosine.

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Boxer Al...Hot Rox already has tyrosine in the acetyl form.


Machine, the reason ephedrine was described in the article as being not so effective as a fat-burner, it's because it isn't, as has been demonstrated again and again. It's effective however as an anorexic, and is effective in speeding lipolysis when combined with caffeine. But by itself, no.

It isn't quite right though to say that ephedrine works by a different pathway that Sclaremax. The effect ephedrine has which is beneficial is increasing cAMP: it just does it less direcly than Sclaremax.

To some extent this is also true with yohimbine, which works to block alpha-receptor mediated decrease of cAMP. Level of cAMP still winds up being the same target, so at that final level it's not a different mechanism. Relative to Sclaremax, yohimbine seems much more potent at increasing heartrate for any given fat-loss effect, so combination is somewhat dubious, except perhaps in individuals
who can already take two capsules of HOT-ROX at a time, know themselves to have high tolerance to yohimbine, and who try low doses. Even so, basically, I wouldn't bother. I'm just saying I can't rule out that that might not have a small point to it: the ephedrine I'm pretty sure does not.


It's done. We have it now. I ordered some.

Bill, thanks for putting me in my place.

Btw, I've been on T2 for 1 week now and have become very sluggish. I bumped it up to 3 caps/day and this may be the reason. Or it could be a number of other variables.

Nevertheless, my plan is now to use Hot-Rox alone to evaluate its effectiveness in terms of fat loss. That way I don't unfairly say, "It works ridiculously well" or "It didn't do anything for me".


Will someone please justify the cost of this? I'm in Canada...tell me why I should shell out 130-140 of my hard-earned for this product. Why does it cost so much to make?


well, if you really think about it. If you got the 3 bottle deal, your paying about 60$ a bottle. In retrospect, If you were buying T-2 and Md-6 to stack together you would be paying roughly the same price.


Machine, can you tell me where you get your ephedrine and caffeine tabs?


Oops, saw that! Didn't know at the time that it contained l-tyrosine, good! Ephedrine and caffeine tabs can be found at a lot of places, just run a search of google. I personally have never ran a fat burning supplement for more than 1 week at a time. Hot Rox does sound very intriguing, if you look at it, it is basically a more bioavailble and better version of LEAN SYSTEM 7! With a added gadget. Biotest sure is ahead of the industry!

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