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I don’t know the ingredients but would taking it along side T2 and MD-6 increase its effectiveness or would it be overkill?

How is anybody supposed to answer this without knowing the ingredients or how it works yet?

Dude it hasnt even been released yet how the hell are we supposed to know.


Well Hot-Rox is likely to have a lot of ingredients of MD-6 so that would definitely be overkill. The Hot-Rox and T2 would be a good choice though.

I thought Bill or someone involved in the design could answer and I thought other posters would be curious. Didn’t mean to appear as a dumbass.

I disagree. It would not be overkill. Hot-Rox does not have ephedra, MD6 does. While there will certainly be overlap in certain ingredients (likely caff, yohimbe, etc) the combination of the two products will likely be a good stack.

However, keep in mind that you would be getting the combined amount of the overlapping ingredients, so you will obviously have to adjust your dose according to you tolerance level for those ingredients.

Hope this helps.

Guys, we better hold off making assumptions about what Hot Rox does and what’s in it until that info is released. Tim is going to try his best to get some info out in this Friday’s issue. Hot Rox will be available March 10th so I’m sure we’ll have the details soon.

To Chris Shugart, without giving away the ingredients, all us Canadians care about at this point is whether or not it will be available up here! What’s the scoop? It’s bad enough we can’t get Mag-10. 4-AD,etc, don’t tell us there’s yet another product we won’t be able to get our hands on. Damn, that Canadian FDA!

Is Hot-Rox a preemptive product positioning exercise because the FDA is thinking of banning ephedra based products?


I just want to know how much more effective than MD6 it will be on it’s own. Fat loss explodeing candy- people are going to try to ban this too. :slight_smile:

I hope it doesn’t have Yohimbe otherwise there goes the Aussie market!

For some odd reason, the first thing that popped into my head after seeing that ad for “Hot-Rox” was those “Pop Rocks” candies…

Be kinda cool if “Hot-Rox” could poppop* in your mouth like that, too.

Patricia, my wife said the same thing…