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HOT-ROX With Weight Gainer?


This is either stupid or genius but probably stupid. Back when I lived at my old place I had the chance of working out at a really nice golds gym. I took the hardcore spinning classes along with my lifting.

Looking back the cardio we did there was more like a HIIT and I was taking cytogainer before and after going to the gym. I was very happy with my body then since I was very lean and I had put a decent amount of muscle. I think it was some sort of sweetspot as far as amount of calories being used while leaving enough to build lean muscle.

So now that my life is a lot busier and the gym available is super crap I don't get the same cardio workouts that I did before.

So I was wondering if me taking HOT-ROX, cytogainer and doing my regular workout would actually be benefitial to controlling the amount of fat I put on while putting on weight?

If this makes no sense either then let me know why.
thanks guys


No...your diet will determine how much fat you put on. You could take all the HOT-ROX in the world and still get fat. Well you would be dead if took that much. If took the recommended dose you can still get fat.


It sounds like your trying to use the supp not for what its designed but as a crutch to eat more food.




ah ha!!