HOT-ROX With Energy Boosters?

I am about to start taking Maximum Strength HOT-ROX for the next 50-70 days, and was wondering if it is safe to take any other fat burn/ weight loss pills for my workout. I normally take some Xtreme trims about 30 minutes before a workout just to help keep the intensity up for the duration.

If I’m taking HOT-ROX is it ok to still take these other pills just for the workout.(thats the only time I would tkae it) or will the HOT-ROX be enough and still give me the same effect. I plan on taking HOT-ROX as directed for as long as 2 bottles last, and I got some Surge to take post workout.

Thanks for the help.

Sounds like you’re trying to duplicate effects. I think what you’re proposing is not only unnecessary, but also unwise.

Just take the HOT-ROX and Surge.

No. Lose the Trim Spa because combining the two could possibly cause some negative side effects. If you want some energy try a scoop of Power Drive mixed with some Green tea along with two caps of Maximum Strength HOT-ROX about 30 minutes prior to your training.


You won’t need anything else with Maximum Strenght HOT-ROX. You’re covered for energy and fat loss, big time.

No matter what, I advise against using any other fat-burners with HOT-ROX; it’s been gone over numerous times as a bad idea.