HOT-ROX With Carbolin 19

hey fellas, i was just wondering if anyone has had the balls to try taking Carbolin 19 19 with HOT-ROX at the same time. im sure side effects, if any, vary from person to person, but I just want to know if anyone has tried this combination what their experiences were.

I’m doing the exact thing right now, as a matter of fact. I am hoping to shed body fat, maintain muscle, and add quality to the muscle I have.
No noticable side effects. This is my third week taking HOT-ROX I just started the Carbolin 19 on Friday. No jitters, no dizzeness, no dramatic BP increase. As far as results, I’ll let you know in a few weeks if you hit me up.
It should be noted, I have a pretty high drug tolerance in general, and caffiene does not affect me strongly (however lack of caffiene does!).
My dosing is usually as follows- HOT-ROX upon waking (5am), afternoon (@2pm), Carbolin 19 with breakfast (730am) and lunch (1230pm).
I’m also taking a Tribulus/ZMA product, and take Power Drive pre workout when I feel the need.

hey guys refer to the original Carbolin 19 post from TC, it has a lot of commentary from Cy Wilson. he strongly, strongly urges people not to take HOT-ROX and Carbolin 19 concurrently. i didnt pay that much attention to the reasons why, as i was reading b/c of interest in Carbolin 19, and at this time i have no interest in HOT-ROX.

just go to the “T-Nation store” and click on Carbolin 19’s more info link

Both supplements are vasodilators, and could drop blood pressure too low.

yeah i read that, i just wanted to see if anyone had actually tried it. im pretty sure i wont actually give it a try though. ill just use the HOT-ROX for this month, drop some body fat, then start my cycle of Alpha Male and Carbolin 19 back up. thanx for the replies tho!

I have been taking both for about 2.5 weeks now and have noticed nothing adverse so far. I havent checked my blood pressure, but I also havent noticed any need to either.

They don’t recommend it, but I have taken two Carbolin 19 with two HOT-ROX regularly. I really felt the HOT-ROX. I’ve also taken one or two Spike with this combo. I didn’t notice any adverse affects.

I did start out with one of each to see what my tolerance would be. I got a slight headache the frist time I took two of each.

I wouldn’t just go stacking them all at once, the headache was the throbbing kind that hurts with every heart beat. I also tried spacing out the doses.

I did it. Max strength on both. I’m a masochistic bastard and could only deal with it for about a week.

I don’t know how else to word it other than I felt like shit. A very un-cool feeling.

To each his own though.