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HOT-ROX With Alcohol?


I am two weeks into HOT-ROX supp. and realize I have a bachelor party friday night and also a wedding this sunday to attend. I know alcohol is not conducive to fat loss. My question is should I suspend taking for say this weekend or just keep taking with no worries? I am not sure of any possible interactions. Yes, i did read the entire HOT-ROX thread with no mention of supp. and some beers. Thanks


Skip HOT-ROX for that night, or else you'll be chucking in the toilet.


Stimulant + Depressant = Not generally a good idea.

Not to say I haven't done it...

I would just stop taking them for that day.

Bust em out the following day.


Yea, don't take them the day you're going to drink.

Like said above, I've drank on HOT-ROX and it didn't affect me but I'm sure it's not the best thing for you.


Why don't you just mail the bottle to someone who isn't a pussy and will stick to their cycle?

You want a bunch of losers to pat you on the back and tell you it's ok or do you want to hear what you know in your gut you should do?

There is no grey are for those who are determined to succeed. Either you stick to your cycle and achieve your goal, or find every excuse in book to fail. If it's a bachelor party this week, what will it be next, the midnight buffet at 3 am after the party, the cake and ice cream for your grandma's birthday?

Stick to your guns, skip the booze, stay on your cycle of HOT-ROX. You might say I'm I prick but come June when you have a 6 pack you'll know I was right.


HOT-ROX should not be used with alcohol. Doing so could result in adverse effects such as dizziness, headache, fatigue, nausea, vomiting and potentially worse.
HOT-ROX has a vasodilatory effect and when combined with ethanol, which also has such an effect, it can lead to those side effects.

As a general rule of thumb, one should ALWAYS avoid combining supplements and drugs with alcohol, unless approved by your physician.

Last I checked, the number one cause of drug-related deaths and visits to the ER were from alcohol in combination. A great deal of this could be avoided if people would avoid taking various compounds when they plan on drinking alcohol, especially an excessive amount.

Hope that helps.


FFS, he's friend is going to get married. One day of drinking and eating junk will not stop him from reaching his goal.

Get a life!



And that's just the alcohol!

seriously though, good warnings


Hay Deuche Bag, I asked a simple question. I work out 6 days a week and eat 42 clean meals a week. My boy is getting married and having a few beers that is what life is about. If you consider Cy, TC and all a "bunch of losers" then yes I actually do. Get a fuckin life you nob!


Thanks Cy. I will skip the HOT-ROX for the weekend and pick back up on Monday.


This is pretty over the top and I'm thinking this was possibly said with a bit of satire, but whatever the case, this advice is good for somebody whose got Mr. Olympia coming up in say, oh, a couple of months.

With the motherload of information that is currently available through this site and the internet, it sometimes seems as if we have at our fingertips the blueprint of what will further and what will harm our goals in relation to fitness and nutrition. So therefore, it is easy to fall down the slippery slope of clean food all the time, no alcohol, nothing less than 8 hours of sleep, etc.

However, I think it is safe to say that most people, at some point or another, got into this whole deal because they wanted to feel better about themselves and be able to have a better quality of life in general. However ,when it gets to the point of feeling like you can't kick a few back at a friends wedding due to it being against the whole bodybuilding philosophy, I think that things might be taking the turn toward obsession, (with no clear goal, i.e., not a pro) rather than a hobby that you incorporate in order to have an overall well rounded life.


What does going to the party have to do with drinking? He can go, have a good time, spank some strippers, and keep his abs.

How would his lack of intoxication prevent his friend from having a good time?




It's your life. Do what you want Bub. But if you're not going to take those HOT-ROX, my offer still stands. You can send them to me.


Hmm. Who knew? Well, I've never had any problems having a few drinks on a weekend night while taking HOT-ROX. It was hardly the end of the world for gym progress or fat loss either.

Doesn't caffeine also have a vasodilatory effect? It is also an adenosine antagonist. To be absolutely safe, maybe you should avoid all alcohol. But if you're a habitual coffee drinker and have some beers from time to time with no ill effects, I really don't see why this would be too different.


For real.


Somehow I don't see that happening


Hi jsbrook,

Actually caffeine is most commonly classified as a vasoconstrictor, hence concerns at one point in history about its contributions to hypertension.

However, more recently we know that caffeine dilates some blood vessels and constricts others.

That aside, my recommendation has nothing to do with the caffeine. Rather, the Sclaremax is a pretty potent vasodilatory compound and in combination with ethanol, it can lead to those hypotensive-related side effects I mentioned.

Hope that helps.