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HOT-ROX While Bulking


Hey Guys at the moment i am bulking and i was wondering what would happen if i take HOT-ROX while im bulking. Will i be able to stave off some extra fat gain? Or even perhaps Recomp while im bulking? Has anybody tried this before?


perhaps Carbolin 19 would be better here.


HOT-ROX is a waste of money while in a calorie surplus.


Then what would be a good alternative Carbolin 19
http://www.tmuscle.com/productInfo.do?id=608834 ?

And why is using HOT-ROX on a bulk a waste?


HOT-ROX will assist in increasing your caloric deficit. However, if your bulking you should be in a surplus. The HOT-ROX will be useless here.


Basically. It also seems to work as a pretty powerful apatite suppressant, which will make bulking extremely hard.


So then I would be looking for a product that promotes more muscle growth ? such as the Carbolin 19 or creatine? Do you have any experience with Carbolin 19? What about using both Creatine and Carbolin 19 together? If you had to choose which would you go with?


Creatine is cheap and if you've never tried it, you really should. If you are a responder, the results can be excellent. I consider it a staple.


I can't vouch for Carbolin 19 but as K2000 said, creatine is cheap. Try it out.