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HOT-ROX Vs. Spike For Dieting


Hello all!

I am a 32yo male, 250lbs, 6' tall. I've been telling myself for a while now that I need to get myself into shape, but like a lot of people, always find a reason why I don't have time. Now that I have stopped believing the lie, I am fully comitted to do what is necessary.

To do this, I've decided to adhere to the Metabolic Diet and begin one of Waterbury's programs (not sure which one yet, any suggestions?). I also thought I would supplement my training with HOT-ROX or Spike, but I'm a bit confused as to which will be best.

Can anyone advise me on what my best option may be??

Thanks in advance!



HOT-ROX would be much better for fat loss.


Spike is for energy and mental focus, HOT-ROX is for fat loss.


HOT-ROX is designed for fatloss yes...but couldnt a side effect of Spike be fat loss? I mean it is a stimulant...


HOT-ROX is better for dieting, but add some ephedra sinca to it and its even better closer to MD6. Combine that with a cyclical low carb diet and you'll drop no matter what you do. Many companies sell ephedra now that the ban is lifted


The ban on Ephedra was lifted? I had heard it was available under a different name for different purposes, but that was through word of mouth and I didn't really take it seriously.


Definitely do not use ephedra with HOT-ROX. This is a vary dangerous combination. Besides, it defeats the purpose of using HOT-ROX in the first place.


Spike is not a stimulant in the traditional sense. It's effects seem to be mainly on the CNS only and they are not through a catecholaminergic mechanism or receptor activation like ephedra.


Just my opinion- HOT-ROX will be worthless if you don't have your diet in check. It's not a miracle pill. If you aren't losing weight without it, you won't lose weight with it.


How exactly is HOT-ROX + Ephedra dangerous? Explain what happens in the interaction to have a dangerous effect.


Pure Spike (the caffeine-free version) is strictly, 100%, focused on the brain and nerve cells. Try it out and you'll see - the effect is purely mental.

The other version of Spike, the one with caffeine, yohimbine and whatnot, may have a slight fat-loss effect, but not stronger than a cup of coffee + a yohimbine tablet, which is pretty weak.
It's like eating soup with the fork - sure you can do it if you're very persistent, but it's better to use the spoon instead.
In this case, the "spoon" is HOT-ROX.


Yes your diet is like 97% or something, not to get too technical. The supplements are the remaining 3 or so %. So the pills won't do anything if your diet isn't dialed in.

FWIW when I saw the name of this thread I thought this would be an interesting discussion of the differences between 1) a calorie deficit and training with HOT-ROX, or 2) a maintenance level cal diet or slightly reduced cal diet with Spike and training like a madman (as Spike generally amps this up). Personally I would choose #2.