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HOT-ROX Vs Other Products

HOT-ROX vs Leptorprin SD

I was just woundering which is better, cuz I want to take a supplament that’ll help me burn fat (key word help)…I’ve read great things about both products…I just watn to know your opinions…

I can’t even find the supplement facts/ingredients of the other product. And quite frankly, I would never order something that doesn’t list and explain what is in it and, more importantly, why. Too sketchy and they don’t care after they have your money.

About HOT-ROX, though, it has always worked great whenever I need to get leaner (also great when bulking to help minimize fat gain). Never had any problems with it and I highly recommend it.

Hope this helps and if you have any questions, ask!

Maximum Strength HOT-ROX is the real deal…The weight you lose will be fat, as opposed to purging your body of water weight. It also has a high safety profile and will preserve muscle mass (big plus)…

Combine HOT-ROX with a clean, slightly hypocaloric diet and you should see good results over 8-12 weeks.

Last time I looked at this stuff it contained almost nothing but diuretics - ingredients that made you pee a lot… and it was over $150 a bottle.

I might be wrong, it’s been a while since I looked into it, but I believe the same company who made Leptorprin once marketed bust enhancement pills, penis pills, and a “diet pill” for kids that was basically a fiber tablet. The password is “scumbags.”

See my article below on the diuretic scam: