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Hot-Rox vs Carbolin 19


I am a 51 year old man who is trying to lose that last bit of belly fat. When I had my 7 point test done with my trainer, my BF was 12 percent. I have taken two rounds of Carbolin 19 since I seem to lose muscle very quickly and it seems to be helping. I noticed that Hot-Rox has Carbolin 19 in it and thought it might be a better bang for my buck. I also take Plazma and Mag 10.


  • Anyone have success with Hot-Rox?
  • Is Hot-Rox a better buy than plain Carbolin 19?
  • Is it ok to take with Plazma Mag 10?

I appreciate any advice that you are willing to share.



I would say if you want fat loss go with Hot Rox. I didn’t notice any change in fat levels after two months of Carbolin 19 however I definitely noticed increased vascularity while lifting. I had veins popping out of my chest and shoulders that I have never seen before and after stopping the Carbolin 19 the effect has dissipated somewhat.


[quote=“stlblilly, post:1, topic:215976”]
Anyone have success with Hot-Rox?[/quote]
Yep, it’s been around for a long time. Plenty of people have talked about their results with it. The biggest thing I noticed was that it killed my appetite, which is obviously a plus when dropping calories.

Different, not necessarily “better”. Hot-Rox, like you said, does contain Carbolin 19, but it also has other ingredients that make it a more focused fat burner. Carbolin 19 on its own can help with muscle building, like in a “lean bulk”.

100% yes for both.

Also, you’ll probably get more answers posting in the Biotest Supplement Advice forum.