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hot rox users

hi, i just purchased the hot rox and i’m going to start working out today, i’m starting with a 45 minute walk o my treadmill at a 7 incline. any advise?

I’d suggest you look-up a resistance training program and an appropriate diet in the FAQ section of this site. There are several you an chose from.

Good luck.

wow, you frequent a bodybuilding site, and buy their products and dont even work out. wtf?

how much progress do you think your going to make just walking on the treadmill with the rest of the obese women in america?

Damn P-DOG that was harsh, very true, but harsh!

P-Dog dont hold back, say anything you wan’t ahaha.

He’s right dude. You better check yo-self before you wreck yo-self. Stop taking hot-rox until you understand what you HAVE to do in order to lose fat. Save that bottle for when it gets really hard to lose fat (twards the single digits BF% levels). Otherwise don’t be dissapointed when that stuff doesn’t work.

Ok, guys easy off the lady! She is new and we should respect that she has made a decision to change for the better. Being our usual selves will only scared her off and back to Dr. Phil or 6 second abs. Being a newbie I would bet that she will not be able to appreciate the t-mag sarcasm quite yet. Malena, congrats on making a decision to start working out. Using a treadmill alone is not the best way to lose weight, although depending on your physical condition you are in it could be a good place to start. strength training is also a must for someone of any age looking to become healthier. Be sure to get your diet in order also. Nutrition is the foundation of any good training program. Read some of the back issues and take a look at some of these articles:

Don’t let some of the harsh responses scare you off. We all here can be brutal to one another but we all come here together for each other. Good luck and feel free to PM me to ask some questions or just post for everyone.

Are you female? What kind of shape are you in? Stats? Have you ever trained with weights?

Let us know these things and we’ll try to help you out. Most people around here are very experienced and willing to help, but you have to help us to help you. More info would be a great start.

If you are female, read the T-Vixen Roundtable articles. Just click on the previous issue button or do a search with the search engine toggled to “T-Mag”.

hi everyone,
thanks for answering and P-DOG all i have to say is…NOW THAT’S BITTER!
yesterday was the first day i got on this site, and i actually ate pretty good to, i ran on my treadmill for 45 minutes, though i suppose it might not be enough to loose weight. i guess since some of people i know are on slim-fast and other sucky diet programs, i don’t want to be on a diet i just want to tone up and be healthy i’m 25 yrs. old and i don’t want to get any older so it’s harder to loose the weight. i want to do it the right way too. but everywhere i go i hear “carbs are bad” or “eat all veggies” or 'eat white meats" there’s nothing better than a big juicy burger! i have to stay away of those for a while!
my physical condition is ok, i’m not obese i guess i just want to be 120 pounds like alot of my friends. ok enough said, i’m just confused about what to eat and what not to eat. thanks, malena

I have used hot rox. Carido will definitly boost the effect. A good diet is a must. These are two of the componets you need for this supplement to work. The third is to weight train. Even if its not a lot of weight to something, lunges, curls, abs, etc. You’ll notice a huge difference. I went from 235 to 200 in a 4 month span on diet, exercise and cardio. Good luck and let us know your results.

Hot-rox can help you build a little muscle, which will boost your metabolism, help you burn more fat, and of course make you look better. So weight training is a must. You’re very new here so maybe you haven’t had a chance to look through the previous issues section of T-mag. See the bottom the left? Hundreds of articles on diet and training. I’ll find a couple to get you started:

The Beginner’s Blast Off Program:

The New Diet Manifesto:

Welcome and good luck!

Hi Malena1, congrats on making the decision to improve your health, I have just started using hotrox as well yesterday… I suggest you read the instructions included in the box- the “hot rox plan for success” it gives you 10 guidelines to lose fat in the best possible manner. One of the items it recommends is 12 to 15 minutes of high intensity cardio, AKA interval training. This takes more effort than a 45 minute walk but is definitely less boring, quicker, and many experts believe leads to better fat loss results than lower intensity, long duration aerobics. Try this next time you do the treadmill: speed walk for 2 to 5 mins to warm up on a level incline, then put the incline up for 1 minute, then level for a minute, up for a minute, level… until 15 mins is up. What level you use will depend on your fitness- don’t exhaust yourself completely but you should be sweating good by the end of it. Try that 3 or 4 days a week and work up to 5 or 6 days a week if you see that you’re not losing 1 to 2 pounds each week. As for diet, the pamphlet also covers that well and other good members of T Mag have already given you great links. Just shoot for 5 or 6 meals a day, total of 11 or 12 times your bodyweight in calories, and eat whole foods as much as possible… If you need more specifics, just ask:) Good Luck!

Welcome to the club.

Kristin wrote an article from the ladies perspective. Here is a link.

Here is an artice that has some basics about Hot Rox. It is an excellent supplement.

Good Luck!