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HOT-ROX Type Supplements

Yes, I’m a beginner, again. I’ve never taken supplements before. However, the last time I hit the gym seriously was 10 years ago. (I was 22.) Now I’m 32, about to turn 33, easily 20-30 pounds overwieght and really want to make some solid decisions. My real questions revolves around what some of the less hard core folks have experienced with HOT-ROX type supplements.

I frequently have to talk and present to customers and don’t what something that will have me hyped up all the time, or constantly running to the Sh*tter. Apologies ahead of time to the Biotest folks if this is out of line.


Give HOT-ROX a try. There is a money back guarantee.

I’m not saying money isn’t important, but I’m more concerned about blowing a business meeting, or snapping at my family because I’m hopped up a little too much. Any experience with the product?

I have had nothing of the sort. If you are that concerned take it easy until you assess it. Everyone will react differently, but I haven’t really heard much on that end of things. Start out at the minimum dose and go from there. Otherwise we are just blindly stabbing for a target.

I agree. Never did any of that to Me HOT-ROX is not made up of those useless diuretics etc. that have you running to the crapper. Also no jitters etc in my case or any Ive heard. But yes just start slow assess what it does to you.

Also Id say first get the diet etc in line before you add it in. It AWESOME but shouldnt be used as a crutch.

Hope that helps,

HOT-ROX has the equivelant of an 8-oz cup of coffee or about 3 cans of soda per serving. Will that amount of caffeine make you blow a business meeting?

Found the info I was looking for in the HOT-ROX thread. Via Vroom’s newb thread…