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I seem to remember reading somewhere on here that supplementing with HOT-ROX and a tribulus supplement at the same time was not a good idea. I've spent two or three days with the search function and various phrases, and can't find what I was looking for. My questions:

1) Did I dream it?
2) Anyone recommend both at the same time?
3) Anyone recommend keeping them separate?

Thanks in advance for any replies.


You were probably dreaming (but of Biotest supps?)

This sort of thing comes up a lot. Here's the full answer in Tim Patterson's words:


Katz answered this well and I will just add HOT-ROX Extreme and TRIBEX Gold is a very effective and wicked stack.



Wicked awesome or wicked retahded?


Wicked awesome my friend akin to totally awesome dude!





Why HRX + TRIBEX Gold ? For what goal, losing fat and keeping/gaining a bit of muscle?

I know some people are using HRX during a BULKING phase, so would HRX + TRIBEX help to gain good LBM because T levels are being elevated for muscle building?

Just curious...


To begin having a high Testosterone level is good if you want to be lean and muscular or if you want to bulk up and have the bulk more muscle then fat.

If the goal is fat loss it's a good combo due to the thermogenic effect of HOT-ROX stimulating fat loss and the Testosterone boosting effect of TRIBEX helping to spare any undue muscle loss.

If bulking a good combo due to the Carbolin 19 in HOT-ROX Extreme and the Testosterone boosting effect of TRIBEX stimulating muscle gains and the thermogenic effect of HOT-ROX Extreme keeping fat gains to a minimum when in a high calorie surplus needed to 'bulk'.

In summary your caloric plan will determine which method and to affirm it is effective for both.



That's right, I think it was you, Dedicated, who mentioned taking HRX during a bulking phase.

I appreciate you and the other guys for keeping us all informed of supps and exercise and diet.

I really hope to go about training the right away for the next 18 months and transform the hell out of my physique, both for aesthetics and performance. I swear I'm on T-Nation at least an hour or two a day just reading old articles.

Just need to recover and go into remission first. Will definitely post before/after shots.


Thanks for your help, gents.

orders more TRIBEX