HOT-ROX, TRIBEX & L-Leucine for Cutting

Ok so after a 1.5 year bulk im ready to cut and need a little advise.

A little background info of me. im 22 yo and started at 140lb at 5’10 and am now 190lb with around 13% body fat, according to different skin folds measurements.
i think like most guys im storing most of my fat around my lower trunk area and back. Im planning on doing a bit of a rapid cut, two weeks or so and get down to around 8%…

What is a good stack to use to help with this cut? i use Grow! Whey and Surge Recovery at the mo

I was thinking stacking with…

HOT-ROX Extreme
and L-Leucine to also reduce muscle loss.

i will also use a low volume/high intense programme to reduce cortisol (sp) production and muscle loss ect.


I would not recommend cutting all that fat in 2 weeks. Its not enough time, and you will probably end up losing allot of muscle too. At least a month take it slowly, why the rush? Do you want to lose the muscle that you fought so hard for?

I would say get Surge too, and if you can really squeeze it out, Flameout wouldn’t be bad either.