Hot Rox + topical yohimbe hcl cutter

Anyone tried using Hot Rox with a topical fat loss agent? I know many people say the topical yohimburn products are worthless but I did a 4 week cycle last year and the pictures don’t lie. Whether it was only localized water loss or real fat loss I don’t care, point is my abs were in better than ever before.

Also, at the risk of angering a few people here (I’ve read many times how people say the NO supps are a waste) I really like the muscle hardness that the nitric oxide supps provided me with. I got many compliments while taking NO supps because with my genetic profile I tend to already have a vascular look, on the NO it is really pronounced in my arms and lower abs. Is it okay to use Hot Rox w/ a nitric oxide supp? I know Hot Rox is ephedra free but there is a note on all NO supps that says to stay away from vasoconstrictors which I have to assume most fat burners are.

Thanks for the help bros!

Hey, there, Gatsby!!! Welcome to the forum. (grin)

The trick with Yohimbine is the same whether you’re using the oral version or the topical version. It only works on a low-carb/carb restricted diet. Yohimbine mobilizes “stubborn” fat. If you eat it around carb-containing meals, the body will produce insulin and re-store the fat you just mobilized.

Yes, it will work with Hot Rox, but I would probably add some caffeine to the Hot-Rox/Yohimbine combo. Take all 3 before some AM HIIT (not fasted state) or longer-duration, moderate-intensity fasted-state cardio. From there do two or three P+F meals to keep from spiking insulin.

I’m sorry, but I don’t know how NO would work with Hot Rox. If you don’t get an answer here on the forum, Biotest Customer Service is 800-525-1940.

Good luck to you! Hot-Rox rocks!!! (grin)

Hey, thank you for the info and an even bigger thanks for the welcome to the t-mag community! You mentioned the YO cutters only work with carb restricted diets. This worries me because no one likes to throw good money down the drain. I’m a long limbed body type. I have to bust my tail to put on lean muscle & keep it in my extremities. Thanks to all the great info out there on the net I’ve been able to significantly speed up my progess in the last couple of years.

Please look at my diet and give me any suggestions you may have.
Meal 1: Oatmeal about 35carbs + 3 eggs + some sort of meat and small glass of juice. roughly 35p/45carbs.
Pre-workout I take in 90 grams of mixed carbs in the form of a Carbo force RTD by ABB and 40g whey protein from a Pro Protein drink from ABB. Immeaditely following my workout I take in a recovery RTD consisting of about 45 grams of whey and 45 grams of complex/simple carbs. About 1.5 hours later I take in food protein and some carbs in the form of potatos usually. Probably 40p/60carbs. My last three meals primarily consist of P+F+veggies. I supplement EPA/DHA with each of these meals. For Hot Rox and the yohimbe topical cutter to be effective will I need to lose some of the carbs? I’m looking at roughly 225g carbs in the first four meals (depending if you call pre/postworkout shakes meals) and another 50 grams in the last 3 meals coming from veggies.

My body stats: 6’1, 186lbs, 10.5% bf, long limbed ectomorph.

Thanks for your help!

Gatsy, I’m out of town, but will be back in a day or two with a reply!!!

Anyone else want to help out Gatsby in them meantime? (grin)

I too can’t cut carbs out completely, so I am trying with my topical yohimbine to bump up my intake of r-ala. I now take it whether the meal consists of grains, vegetables or fruit. I have just added in the topical yo today after upping the r-ala all week. Also I may drop the grains and get all of my carbs from fruits and vegetables, with the exception of post-workout. I will inform you how it goes next week. Unfortunately I am out of Hot-Rox and will be taking something I have laying around :frowning:

Big Dave & Gatsby, let me tell you the trick just quickly with using Yohimbine. It should be combined with your cardio, and you should eat P+F meals before and after. Caffeine, too, is helpful/complementary.

Upon rising and before eating, apply the Yohimbine. 20 minutes later have a cup of coffee. If you do fasted-state cardio, proceed from there.

Since it’s not a good idea to HIIT on an empty stomach, get in your first meal of the day, say just a small protein shake (P-only), and then one and a half hours later, apply the Yohimbine. About 20 minutes later have a cup of coffee and then head off to do your HIIT. Eat upon your return.

The meals after your cardio should be P+F meals. Save the P+C meals for PWO, which is the best time to take them in anyway.

Remember, Yohimbine mobilizes fat. Remember also that eating a P+C meal elicits an insulin response. Insulin will only re-store the fat that Yohimbine mobilized. That’s why I’m telling you to eat P+F or P-only meals before and after application of the Yohimbine.

The reason for adding caffeine is that it, too, mobilizes free fatty acids. It’s highly complementary and synergistic.

Gatsby, I’ll be back later with a critique of your diet. How much do you weigh? What’s your BF% and how many grams of protein do you eat a day and per meal? Those are things I’ll need to know to be able to give more than just general advice.


thanks for the help, I failed to mention my cardio meal plan earlier. about 15 minutes before cardio I drink a shake consisting of 20g whey, 5g BCAA’s, and water. Immediately after I eat about 4 egg whites and drink 20g whey mixed with water. About 1.5 hours later I eat some whole food protein 35g, and about 60g of slow buring carbs. I supplement R-ALA with P+C meals. About 100mg for every 30 carbs.

As if I didn’t have enough vitamins, minerals, & amino’s pumping through my system at any given moment. I also take creatine with ribose or HMB pretty regularly. With the Creatine holding water and I can only guess that Hot Rox and yohimbe being mild diruretics is it okay to continue taking creatine or would it more/less be a waste?

My stats you asked for: age 23, 6’1, 186lbs, 10.5% BF, small/med bone structure. My long term goal is 220lbs at 8%.

I take in about 225-250g protein everyday. Try to hit 35-50g every meal. I take in several of RTD’s cause of my work schedule. about 3 a day.

Wow, Gatsby, you might be new to the board, but you’re doing pretty darn well for yourself.

  • Protein intake based on LBM (Lean Body Mass) looks good!

  • Fat intake from quality sources should run about .4g x LBM. Quality sources are fish oil (6g of EPA/DHA), olive oil, avocado, raw/uncooked nuts, fat from lean cuts of meat and eggs and flaxseed oil.

However, at 10.5% BF and based on your long-term goals, it’s time to start bulking. Save the Hot Rox and Yohimbine for your cutting cycle. Plan on putting on about 15 to 20 pounds of scale weight, maintaining for a few weeks (to solidify gains), and then doing a cutting cycle.

Before you start into your bulking, I’d recommend the following. Go to and do the following search Berardi. That will give you a list of articles on T-mag where John Berardi’s nutritional wisdom is discussed and expounded upon. As an example, if you’ve been reading the forum, we like to eat meals in which we combine protein and fat (P+F) or protein and carbs (P+C), but rarely F+C. F+C meals result in fat storage. As far as F+C goes, think pizza or donuts.

To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, based on JB’s principles of food combining, I would eat oatmeal with protein powder or egg whites to keep fat down in what is essentially a P+C meal. In any given P+C meal, you should keep fat to <5g. In your P+F meals, green veggie carbs wouldn’t be a bad choice, but once again, according to JB, you should keep carbs to <10g. That 10g, by the way is NET GRAMS (Total Carb grams minus Fiber grams).

If you do start bulking, I’d recommend that you limit cardio to 2 or 3 sessions of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) on non-lifting days. You can do a search here on the forum and/or on T-mag to learn more about HIIT.

As far as a program goes, make sure you’re doing a program that incorporates the serious mass building exercises; i.e., squats, deadlifts, bent-over rows, military presses, bench presses, pullups, dips, etc. Those exercise properly done will put on slabs of muscle. There’s tons of programs to choose from here on T-mag.

As a general approach when bulking and just generally optimizing PWO nutrition, I’d recommend that you take in starchy carbs (oatmeal, yams, potatoes, quality cereal, pasta) PWO.

Homework assignment #236 (grin). Read JB’s article on “Solving the Post Workout Puzzle,” I & II. Based on research and what will provide you with the best results PWO, you need a 2:1 ratio of high glycemic carbs to a hydrolysate protein (fancy talk for a small protein molecule that is easily/quickly absorbed).

One thing that will help is keeping a food log to make sure you’re hitting your numbers. That way on any given week you don’t gain weight, I’d recommend that you go up in calories 250 kCal per day until once again you see no weight gain for the week. This particular approach will make sure you’re gaining weight slowly and will minimize fat gain while bulking.

Get started with that and feel free to come back with another round of questions. (grin)

Gatsby: although it is somewhat sticky, we tried a topical yohimbine solution on my wife last year with great results. I crushed up, then dissolved, the Yocon in glycerol and put it into a baby bottle so she could squirt it on the “affected areas.” Personally, I use yohimbine orally, stacked with caffeine and aspirin as an alternative to ephedrine. I don’t do this longer than two weeks at a time and alternate it with Hot Rox and ECA stacks (still available here). This prevents your body from becoming “used” to any stack (tachyphylactic). At any time I want to lose fat, I add a capsule of green tea to the mix, although I have the feeling that this is next on the FDA’s hitlist.