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HOT-ROX Tolerance?


Hey guys, I just got my second bottle of HOT-ROX(its been around a month or so since I used it), and only took my first couple of doses today(stacked with Se7en this time). How does the tolerance work with HOT-ROX?? I certainly did NOT feel as "stimulanty" as I did the first time around.

I also have some ephedrine fat burners kicking around I think I am going to cycle with after this HRX cycle(would stacking it in here be a bit much?) if I still feel I need it.


i think i grew a bit of a tolerance to the stimulant/energy side of it…but still had great fat loss from it even after that.

i wouldn’t suggest taking ephedrine at teh same time just so you “feel” something. HRX is amazing…if your taking it, it’s working.


Oh of course, the idea wasn’t simply to feel something, though it did come across that way(I meant if I feel I haven’t quite ade enough progress). I was more curious if it would be efficient or not! and thanks for the response, I can’t wait for this round of HOT-ROX.


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I step up dose slightly every 2-4 weeks generally - depends on length of cut.

At the end of my last cut I went as high as 2x3 a day. That felt crazy!


[quote]matthew_gray wrote:
I was more curious if it would be efficient or not![/quote]

if you are looking for a potential hypertensive crisis then it is indeed synergistic to mix yohimbe with stims.


I would always get that jittery feeling when I’d start using HRX in the past after being off for a bit. Never really a fan of it though. Even when I was taking 4x a day, I would take one at a time spaced out instead of a 2x then 2x dose. I found it just made me feel better overall, less of a high then low effect.