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HOT-ROX Timing?


I'm starting a 12-week phase where my primary focus is fat loss. I'm 23 y.o, male, 6'6", 220 lbs. My diet is dialing in nicely, with between 1-1.5 grams of protein/lb of body weight per day, and usually around 100 g of carbs. It's never been officially measured, but I'd guess my body fat is about 12-14%.

Here's my question. I'm adding in sprints and interval running for cardio after doing just steady-state morning cardio for the past 6 weeks or so. Since I'm adding in cardio, would it be better for me to wait 4-6 weeks to add in HOT-ROX as like, the last big push for fat loss, or should I start taking it now? Thanks a lot guys.


what do your lifts look like?

you are pretty tall and you don’t weight that much and 3 months is a long time for a already skinny guy to cut.

we have similar physical stats though. i am 24, 6’5’’ and 215lbs working my way up to 250 in the next 16 months or so


Squat right now is 405x5, deadlift 315x5 with a trap-bar (all my height is in my legs, so deads have always been my weak point), bench is 225x5.

The reason I’m cutting is that until I was 15 or so, I wasn’t tall, I was just a normal-height fat kid. So ever since, I’ve had this mental block on eating enough to gain any considerable muscle. What I’m trying to do now is get my body fat down to 9-10%, to the point that if I add a little fat when I’m trying to gain, I know I’ll still look good.


It is really up to you, the HOT-ROX will give you a metabolic boost and additional energy for training - but if you are easily completing your workouts now then you may want to save it for when you start to plateau.

Stimulants can be great for pushing through a diet but your body does adapt to them relatively quickly. I prefer to cycle them 2 Weeks On / 1 Week Off or 4 Weeks On / 2 Weeks Off - a 12 week cycle is too long and by the end your body will have built quite a tolerance to caffeine.


not trying to be a dick but If your squat is 4055 and your dead is 3155 you may want to go deeper on squat


[quote]jasmincar wrote:
not trying to be a dick but If your squat is 4055 and your dead is 3155 you may want to go deeper on squat[/quote]

I agree, squat form/depth and deadlift in general is something I’m always trying to improve.