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Hot Rox testamonials

I just left the naive bb.com forum and boy are people prone to believing anything and everything. Alot of peoples gripes were how Hot-Rox doesn’t work. Well let me give my personal opinion and feedback on hot-rox.

  1. In all my years of training I never ever maintained or gained muscle while dieting ( Hot rox help me put on 3 1/2 pounds of lean body mass while losing an inch off my waste… T-dwag diet 2.0)
  2. Dieting. I especially found out that hot rox works extremely well on a reduced calorie diet ( i weighed around 190 , I ate around 1500-1800 calories daily)
  3. Hot Rox never made me sore and my recovery was awesome. I am 10 pounds lighter and my strength went up. Biotest does it again, with science proven materials.
  4. In all i’ll be honest. Biotest has made ephedra obsolete, no crashes no racing heartbeat no adrenal fatigue. I love this stuff
    BTW - This was my Stack, Multi,fish oils (12 capsules daily), Hot Rox, Kre-alklyn and GO.

i would be awesome if you kept a ‘photo journal’.

can we have some before nad after pics?


I’m taking Hot-Rox now and the fat doesn’t seem to be dissapearing any faster than it does on a normal diet. I noticed some strength increases, but I think that could be attributed to me not being a pussy and finally using heavy weights and the fact that I"m actually cutting at a higher caloric level than I normally do 2400 or so instead 1800. So if it works or not…im not sure. My Jury’s still out on it. My appetite seems less voracious though too…but I am eating more…so who knows.

Proteinpowda ?

Can you please explain why you would INCREASE your calorific intake when dieting with Hot-Rox compared to when dieting without Hot-Rox (2400/1800), would that not slow/negate the benefits of the Hot-Rox? That maybe one reason why you are not seeing the results you expect.

Have you read all the Hot-Rox Literature?



jaystyles asked for your nad pics.

In reply to why my calories are higher:

  1. It was at the advice of other users on the forum to try out higher calories so I figured I’d give it a shot.
  2. I was taking 1-ad before when I cut and could thus keep my calories pretty low.
  3. I hadn’t taken Hot-Rox before so I didn’t want to rely on a product to take my calories that low with when I hadn’t seen how I repsonded to it.