Hot-Rox Seized by Australian Customs

OK, I’m a dope. I’d read some threads at T-Nation that seemed to say that although you couldn’t import HOT-ROX Extreme for sale in Australia, it was OK to import small quantities for personal use.

That may be if you contact Customs ( first and apply for permission, but I just went ahead and ordered a bottle. It got seized at the border and so now I have neither the money I spent or the HOT-ROX and I am both sad and slightly chubby.

Don’t make my mistake, kids! Make sure Mr Customs approves your intense supplements before you order them.

This Has Been A Public Service Announcement.

Update: after a brief chat with Mr Customs, it seems you need to apply to the Office of Chemical Safety in the federal Health Department for a permit before you import the goods.

Thanks man, i wasx trying to find out how i could import such products. i’ve had trouble with customs before, they’re pretty dumb.

Is yohimbe banned in australia or just regulated?

I’m not sure, but I think the easy way to work it out is just call these OCS folks.
02 6289 2686

They’re the regulator, Customs is just the enforcer.

You guys seriously need to take your government back. For real.

For the record, I feel this same way about my home country (USA), but Oz customs is just way, way, way over the top. Since when did you guys need so many babysitters?

Oh you know - we’re in constant danger of stubbing a toe or poking each other’s eyes out with that thing. If it wasn’t for Customs there’d be tears before bedtime!

I’ve sent a query to OCS about HOT-ROX Extreme. When I get their reply, I’ll update this thread with details.


Hey timbomb - any word from customs yet?

They’re really pathetic, i bet theyll stop my order of Anaconda when that becomes available.
They also limit you to like one bottle worth of something, what can we really do about it ay?

[quote]head_gear wrote:
Hey timbomb - any word from customs yet?[/quote]

Nope. Squat all so far.

One bottle of something? Depends on the size. Normally its more like they don’t mind anything less than ~3 months worth I thnik. So 3 protein tubs is fine, but 3 jumbosize boxes of fishoil might be a problem. Protein can be an issue; depends if the company is willing to disclose the source of their whey protein etc.

All in all, best to check. And yeah, don’t try and get anything with yohimbine through unless you have some kind of awesome permit. Keep us updated timbomb