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OMG HOT-ROX REALLY DOES ROCK!!!!! As many of my online friends know, I have had my thyroid out secondary to autoimmune thyroid disease, and have a very resistant metabolism. A couple of months ago, I recieved my shipment of Banana Cream Low-Carb Grow!, Grow! Bars and a couple of HOT-ROX samples.

After much reading and research, I finally tried the HOT-ROX. I had being training and dieting very seriously for many weeks without any loss of body fat...then after the first week and a half of the heavy training, dropping the carbs and calories a bit and taking one HOT-ROX pill a day, I have lost five pounds of body fat. I then ran out of the HOT-ROX and at the time T-Nation was sold out of HOT-ROX, so I ordered Fahrenheit, three bottles, from the Fahrenheit website.

The results are amazing. The muscles are starting to show through...I'm 5'3" and very close to my ideal weight, and 5 pounds makes a huge difference at my height. Now, 10-15 pounds of body fat to go.

Thank you Cy Willson for your advice and guideance, Chris Shugart, T-Nation and Biotest!! You are truly the best and highest quality out there!!!!


Glad to hear it, Chinadoll!

Keep it up!


Thanks for the feedback, and congrats!



i too have a thyroid disorder and am trying to get my levels back to normal. and i am having the hardest time losing weight. i have added more cardio and weight training and have really cleaned up my diet...no results yet. i really want to use HOT-ROX to speed everything along, but i don't want to use it as a crutch. do you have any opinions on this?


Hi Buffy!

Challenging, eh?

It will take a while for your body to finally adjust to an exogenous source of thyroid hormone. Give it time. It's temporary until you and your doctor are able to achieve that balance.

What medications and doses are you taking? Are you satisfied with your endocrinologist?

My opinion...I would wait to use the HOT-ROX until your thyroid levels and your symptoms are normal, and until you feel well. This is so that you are not masking any symptoms of hypothyroidism by using stimulant supplements, which could cause you even greater problems down the road.

Also, it sometimes takes weeks to months on a certain dosage of thyroid medication for your body, as well as your metabolism, to adjust and "get used to" an exogenous source of thyroid hormones. Once you feel normalized, you should speak with your doc about using HOT-ROX. I waited until I was on the same doses of Synthroid and Cytomel with the same lab results for around 6-8 months before I tried HOT-ROX.

I started taking one HOT-ROX once a day for the first couple of weeks. Two days ago, I added a second dose daily. The "tricks" to keeping the weight off is living the completely healthy lifestyle. I've been doing so for so long that its all that I know. Other "tricks":

-Lowering your carbs. If I gain or can't lose weight, I lower my carbs just a bit more, and lower my calories a bit more too. If this doesn't work, I adjust again. I also space my meals into really mini versions- 100-200 calories each, six or seven times a day, like having small snacks all day long, usually a high quality protein (couple of scrambled egg whites or a couple of ounces of baked salmon or a couple of pieces of low fat string cheese). I also adjust upward the intensity of my exercise.

-This breaks many rules, and it works for me when nothing else does, but when I'm really and truly going through a super duper resistant metabolic stage, feeling hypometabolic, I will cut out all simple carbs whatsoever, only intake incidental carbs, such as the <1 gram in Crystal Light, the carbs in an avocado, etc...keeping the carbs less than 20-25/day (like Atkins, only much less of the saturated fat), and slightly overtrain using a workout like the German Body Comp, that utilizes short rest periods and supersetting but doing a few more reps and heavier than what is recommended. The key to the slightly overtraining tool that I use is to ensure optimal post workout supplements and nutrition, take a multivitamin, drink lots of water, get optimal fats (avocado, olive oil, salmon) and get adequate rest. Also, I do this overtraining thing only for short periods of time, say 2-4 weeks, until my hypothyroid symptoms resolve. I also keep focused on INTENSITY, which is one very important key to fat burning.

-I hate to keep logs and such, but if your metabolism is super slow, which is usually temporary until the body adjusts, I will (again!) pull out my notebook and log all my exercise and everything I put into my mouth, along with times, to see where I'm going wrong.

Feel free to PM me! Good Luck!!!


I noticed they sell HOT-ROX and Fahrenheit at walmart now.


First post!

That is where I got my second and third bottles of HOT-ROX

I started a training program in May with cutting carbs and HOT-ROX. Have lost 52 lbs since May.


You're welcomed, and you guys ROCK!!


Thanks China, you are sweet.

This is a wonderful fourm everyone seems so helpful and friendly. I have already placed an order and am enjoying all the great information here. Good thing I have always been a very fast reader!