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HOT-ROX Really Work?


I recently bought a product called Lipo-6. I'm sure you all have seen the 20 page ads in the recent muscle mags. I had a friend take a whole bottle cycle and no effect. When I would take them it would make my stomach hurt like acid was bubbling around and would feel like twisting in my stomach. And of course the crash at the end of the day or when I would come off of them.

How do the HOT-ROX work in comparison. Do you need to take them all the time and if you stop taking them will you gain the fat back? Anyone who has legitimately taken these and seen good results without feeling sick all the time? Tired of wasting money. And need results. REAL results continuosly.


It is one of the most successful Biotest products ever. I've taken it before, never had stomach problems, lost some weight on it and the weight didn't come back.

Keep in mind though that it is no cure for a shitty diet. If you've had bad luck in the past it's not because of your supplements, it's your diet. HOT-ROX works great, but ONLY in conjunction with a good diet and exercise.

How much weight do you want to lose and how much have you ever lost in your lifetime?


Yes, and I think it is important to realize what it is doing for you...

It helps keep your metabolism from crashing while you are bringing yourself into a calorie deficit, at the same time helping to spare muscle mass.

These are awesome benefits, but of course, if you eat a ton of surplus calories it won't be able to act as a magic pill.


I don't think Lipo-6 is a bad product, which leads me to believe that your friend had a shitty diet. I don't need to comment on that anymore, as it has been twice above.


I actually was able to crash through a weight loss barrier with it, i was very skeptical with all of these products at first, but HOT-ROX delivered.

It doesn't tear fat off your body, nothing but Lipo does that, but you'll definitely see great results.


How long did you use it?


I used one bottle of the regular stuff, ate good, and saw 0 results. Maybe I didn't use it long enough, I don't know.


I used 2 bottles of the super duper T-Nation stuff and it worked wonders. Seriously, it worked wonders on me, and as soon as I bulk to where I want to, I'm going to buy 3 more bottles....Its the best fat burner that I've used!



i used one continous full bottle of the old HOT-ROX (not max strength).


I like HOT-ROX better than lipo 6...especially over the longer haul


at the end of feb. i was 290lbs

i started the following

1) eating clean (i'm choose to not use the word diet, i made a life style change)

2) working out 4 days a week (m,t - t,f)

3) taking regular HOT-ROX
1 pill in the morning and 1 as i get off work

in 2 1/2 months i've lost 23.5 lbs

could be eating clean, could be working out. COULD BE the HOT-ROX.. or it could be all 3..

but i will keep doing all 3 until i am no longer a fat ass


I have been wondering about this stuff too. Does it cause you to be jittery? I have been searching for something I can take that does not cause that effect. I seem to be sensitive to that kind of stuff.

Not to hijack your thread :slight_smile: Figured it would be more productive to ask here than starting another one.


I never felt any sense of the jitters, HOT-ROX isnt a stimulant in that sense.

I never even felt "warm" like a lot of other people did.

however, i did notice an ubelievable stamina in any sort of HIIT, where i would usually juice out, i would just power through like nothing. I could go on forever without feeling really tired or exhausted.
it was great.


HOT-ROX will not cause you to feel jittery, Lipo-6 can.

For the record, I do like HOT-ROX over Lipo-6, but they are completely different products. Lipo-6 uses Synephrine, which is a chemical cousin to Ephedra.

As to the testament to the unbelievable stamina mentioned above, I would have to say personally I think that would be more of mentally breaking through the "wall" then HOT-ROX actually increasing your stamina significantly. Either way, that is a good thing.

Also, Tx T., from what I have seen you are making unbelievable products sans stimulants, and personally, I don't think you need it.


I'm sure its all 3


I never felt jittery but I certainly did feel warm. I would take some before training in the morning and I would still be sweating it out by the time I get to work. Yeh, part of this is due to training and PWO meal but also due to HOT-ROX.

I didnt like the sweating, but HOT-ROX certainly helped me out with my goals at the time.


I used it for several months with a T-Nation diet and it helped speed things up. That is where I find myself feeling better with higher bodyweight than sub-200 lbs. Good stuff if you have discipline and are HONEST with your diet.


HOT-ROX is my favorite Biotest supplement. I take 4 caps twice a day and it doesn't make me jitter at all. On the other hand, my wife is sensitive to stimulant and she's bouncing off the wall with just one cap. So you might have to experiment with the dosage and find what works for you.

I'm still hoping Biotest will make an A7-E stand-alone product that doesn't contain caffeine.


HOT-ROX is my favorite Biotest supplement, bar none. If you're interested you can read my previous posts on this subject. To make a long story short: HOT-ROX is my ultimate mood and mind enhancer, moreso than even Spike.


I think HOT-ROX is a fantastic product. I've gone through two bottles of max strength and I'm very pleased with the fat-burning results.

Another product, Lean System 7, I've also found to be extremely effective for fat loss. It's claim to fame is 7-keto, which is a derivative of DHEA. It's pretty cheap in comparison to other fat burners and it's very effective. When I get back on a thermogenic in a couple weeks, I'm not sure if I will use LS7 or HOT-ROX. I feel no jittery effects from LS7, just a little increase in body temperature. Just my thoughts