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Hot Rox realistic question

I am at 9% bodyfat or so, i mean i can see the top 4 abs and the side obliques pretty easy but i want a full ripped six pack. can i expect to get to 7% or 6% from being on hot rox for one month at the highest dose??? how much fat can the average person expect to really lose. If it workes THAT much better than xenadrine/md6 then i would expect to lost a TON of bodyfat. 90 bucks is alot of money for a supplement so i just want to know that i am investing it wisely. thanks


The science seems to make sense, and I would venture to guess that you’ll be able to hit 7% within a month or so if your diet and training are in order.

You’re actually in the perfect position to test it out, to be honest with you! Give it a shot, keep your diet clean, and if you’re not satisfied, Biotest will refund your money.

Try it out and let us all know how you do, I’m very curious. Hope this helps.

John, do you include babies in a P/F meal or P/C meal? Just curious, as I’m looking to incorporate babies into my diet regime. Thanks.

Babies? Definately P+F, they’re sort of a fatty white meat.

While I don’t think babies are the ideal for a cutting phase during a mass phase it is not unheard of to consume up too 12 babies a day. Oh and I would have to include them in a protein fat meal as babies are mostly adipose tissue.
ON another slightly related topic I think it would be a great idea to send John to india and china to help curb the rising population problems. It would workout great for both the countries and John. Who wouldn’t like free babies???
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All responses thus far have been correct. Babies are best made part of a P+F meal. Generally I like to have a nice breakfast of babies, bacon, and eggs.

Lunch will be something like babies and cheese. Or something like babies and sauteed veggies. All very good combos.

However, for the occasional P/C/F meal, you really can’t beat a good baby on whole wheat sandwhich. A lot of people prefer mayo, but I think the taste is best supplemented by a bit of honey-dijon mustard.

Hope this helps.

bump w/ less baby talk.

I bought some.

bought some babies, joel? i’ve always had to find mine wherever i can.

Seven percent should be easy within one month and would not necessarily require a tremendous amount of attention to diet, starting from nine percent. Dropping three points in one month when starting at 9% almost certainly would require care with diet. (Those at much higher bodyfat percentages might well drop three points in a month simply from eliminating excesses and using HOT-ROX; from higher bodyfat levels it wouldn’t be much of a dietary challenge.)

I prefer to eat my babies while they’re still in their 'gina wrapping!