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HOT-ROX Questions


I'm looking for people who have taken/are taking Maximum Strength HOT-ROX.

Can you really build muscle as well as cut down at the same time like the article says? Would you have to use carb cycling like on Christian's new article? Or should I just bulk now and save the HOT-ROX for when I want to cut down? If anyone can help me out I would appreciate it.


Yes you can. Not at all, CW's article just came out, we've been using HOT-ROX for a while now.

Sounds to me like you want to bulk and minimize fat gain. Check out Carbolin 19, this is what you want. Stack it with Alpha Male and Methoxy-7 if budget isn't a factor.

Save the HOT-ROX for your cutting phase.

This is all assuming you have a good set up on everything else.


This and similar questions are asked and answered often on this site.

YES, you can lose bodyfat/weight and build muscle at the same time. It takes great discipline and a longer time than doing them seperate, but it certainly can be done.

The addition of HOT-ROX can help speed up that process, but the bottom line is you have to eat very clean, lift with intensity and proper volume, get adequate rest.....in other words, you have to be very diligent with your plan and execution.


Are you a newbie to the iron game? That is really about the only time you can do what you are trying to do. Everyone elses posts make it sound very possible, and that just IS NOT the case. MAYBE with HOT-ROX, Carbolin 19 and Alpha Male you could get the job done, but don't expect to. It just doesn't happen that often.

Thats why there are bulking/cutting phases instead of doing them at the same time!


You're right that it is better to seperate the tasks and focus on one at a time,
You are dead wrong that it can't be done by anyone except a 'newbie.'

And it can be done without supplementation. Again, it just takes much longer and one has to be that much stricter in both diet and exercise.


You would think the "takes much longer" reason would be justification enough to avoid that route UNLESS you have already built a very solid base of size and are just looking at long term maintenance with smaller increments of improvement. Otherwise, many of these guys are in their early 20's. As such, losing that prime time for growth because they want to do it "slowly" in an effort to avoid any fat gain would logically lead to less overall progress over years of lifting.

I doubt I will bulk up much again after dieting down this next time, but then, I planned for that.


Agreed. But that was his question. I answered it accordingly. It is possible, it's better to do them seperately, but the goal is possible. It just takes due diligence.


Thanks guys.

I am still re-reading Christian's article on carb cycling and I think I might just forget about HOT-ROX until I want to cut down. I had been bulking the 'old-fashioned' way and wondering why I was putting on so much fat...

But I still would like to know if Carbolin 19 is worth my money.


What kinds of foods were/are you eating? You don't have to go into extreme detail, but it helps to get a clear picture of what you are talking about. Also, how much is "so much fat"? How much overall weight have you gained?


Honestly, I'm 5'10" at 207 right now. According to my calculation I have around 167 pounds of LBM and 40 pounds of fat(Yikes).Thats 20% body fat BTW. If you ask ANYONE I know they will say I look good/skinny(god I hate that word). It takes a lot of fat to look fat.


That also depends on the amount of lean body mass you actually carry. Someone who is truly "built" could carry a good deal of fat and still not look "chubby". They wouldn't win any bodybuilding competitions, but no one would look at them wearing a shirt and call them "fat". I do generally relate that to someone carrying a little more lean body mass than you are, however.


Well I started out thinking I could eat anything with some protein in it, so I noticed visible fat gain in less than a week, which is faster than its ever come on before... Now im eating more clean, oatmeal w/ protein in the morning, chicken breasts and ham and tuna and whatever else looks good and healthy, with protein shakes throughout the day as well. Im going to try the carb cycling because Im pretty paranoid about gaining fat.


I seriously doubt you added visible body fat to your body in one week to that degree. My guess is you lost some definition which could be related to body water/carbohydrate intake. How much do you weigh? How tall are you?


I started HOT-ROX exactly 1 week ago. I also went on a strict diet, around 2200-2500 calories a day on lifting days, and 1800 on non-lifting days. My carbs are all coming either at Breakfast, or during and after my work-outs. I take in about 140-160 grams of carbs on lifting days, and about half of that on non-lifting days. My lifting drink is 15g maltodextrin, 20g dextrose and 1g salt. My PWO shake is 25g Protien, 25g Dextrose, 25g Maltodextrin, ~1g salt and 5g creatine.

I'm taking in protien every 2-3 hours.

This week I have gained 4 lbs, but the mirror and my wife say I am definitely leaner. I am also on a reduced dosage in order to maintain my weight. To me it looks like I am gaining weight while cutting fat. I've been lifting for 18 years, and the last time I had these results was 10 years ago in my early 20's. To me it looks like I'm very anabolic right now. I did this diet last year, had good strength results, but I got fat.

Yes, you can put on muscle while using HOT-ROX.


HOT-ROX really helped me during my cutting phase. Now that I'm massing up, I'm still taking 1 in the morning, first thing, on training days. It really gives me the energy to get through my grueling workouts. Keep expecting that feeling to level out, and need to cycle onto something else, but so far haven't hit that plateau yet.


I'm on HOT-ROX and cutting right now, We'll see how it goes at around the end of January or so. I don't have too many diet worries during these times and last year I actually managed thanks giving REALLY well. It's easy to do if you think about it. Make your food the day before or something, then you have all these potatoes, cranberry sauce, vegatables, fresh turkey. Sounds good to me.


Professor, I'm 175 at around 5'11" or so. That 'fat' I gained might just have been lost definition like you say, but it really pissed me off anyway. Bulking is a bitch.

Any more tips, or should I just keep eating clean and lifting like hell?


I think you need to stop being so squeemish about any weight gain. Losing some definition does not relate directly to "fat gain". Not only that, but if your goal is to maintain your definition as if you just finished dieting while gaining, I am not sure how much progress you actually plan on making. Increasing your carbohydrate intake could account for "blurred definition" and that is NOT a bad thing if you are trying to gain size.


Yeah, you're right. Easier said than done though.


Hey Marky... All of us have been there or are there currently. Normally I wouldn't recommend cutting at the point I am currently at, but I just got done doing the exact same thing you are doing.

I was a wee 155 pounds lad at 5'10" and now I sit at 205. I gained 30 pounds of muscle this year but a good deal of fat with it... couple that with the fat I had already and I've got 40 pounds of it on my frame. As you can see in my "Back Progress" thread I have quite the spare tire and am trying to get rid of that before my next bulking attempt.

I am so much more knowledgeable than I was in January that I should be able to gain weight with a better fat/muscle ratio.